Cold Squad - Characters
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Sergeant Ali McCormick, who is played by Julie Stewart, is one of the best homicide cops in the Vancouver Police Department. She is self-assured and inquisitive, two very helpful qualities when working for the department. When she was 12 years old, her fatherís jet disappeared during a military exercise and since then, she has been denied any explanation. Now, she is committed to solving these so called 'cold' cases and bringing the survivors some desperately needed closure, because she knows first hand how uncertainty, when in regards to a person's loved ones, can be worse than knowing the truth.
Sergeant Frank Coscarella, who is played by Stephen McHattie, is the second partner of Sergeant Ali McCormick in the Homicide division. He arrived after the departure of her first partner, Tony Logozzo. He tends to be edgy and tense, and often 'butts heads' with McCormick during his time with the Sergeant.
Detective Mickey Kollander, who is played by Tamara Craig-Thomas, is an attractive, smart and hardworking detective who made her way to Cold Squad after a short time with the Asian Gang Squad. After fighting rumours regarding her having an affair with a high-level defense lawyer, she has guarded her private life fiercely. She comes from a wealthy family, father being a venture capitalist and mother an heiress. Some assume she took the job as a way to 'rebel' against her parents.
Detective Nicco Sevallis, who is played by Gregory Calpakis, is a good-looking undercover officer who is not beyond taking the law into his own hands. His loyalties tend to get confused by the money and lure of the underworld, which has become an inner battle that he constantly fights. During his time with the Cold Squad, Sevallis can play each side of the dice -- he can be your best friend, your confidant, your lover or your worst nightmare.
Sam Fisher, who is played by Jay Brazeau, is the head of the forensic sciences unit. To him, family is more important than work, although he will do just about anything to solve a case. A former hippie and good friend of Sergeant Ali McCormick, he tends to put her needs in front of the rest of the department, which sometimes leads him to trouble with the rest of the guys.
Detective Tony Logozzo, who is played by Michael Hogan, is Sergeant Ali McCormick's original old-school partner. He faced some problems with gambling and drinking, and because of this was known to take short-cuts when it came to the job, but he later straightend out his act. Most concider him to be a burnt out and disillusioned street cop, and for this reason, have written him off. He was given a second chance at being a cop, but was later shot in the line of duty and retired.
Jill Stone, who is played by Joy Tanner, is the department's civilian. She is on contract to Homicide due to her ability to analyze criminal minds and behavior. Her innate ability to climb into a killerís head and see through their eyes was quickly recognised by Sergeant Ali McCormick. She works as a psychologist, profiler, researcher and all round computer genious.
Detective James Kai, who is played by Hiro Kanagawa, is a meticulous and keenly observant Homicide detective, who hasn't decided upon a direction for his career. He holds a university degree, one of the few in the department that does, and though he respects and sometimes even admires the other cops, he tends to find in them, their shortcomings. He is a quiet man and a great investigator.
Not Available Sergeant Lloyd Mastrowski, who is played by Paul Coeur, is a veteran homicide sergeant. He is one of the two sergeants in the department during his time -- the other being Sergeant Ali McCormick -- and he has more seniority than anyone. He has circled the date of his early retirement and is driven by his dream of investing in a fishing lodge. He repects McCormick and her abilities to do her job, but isn't used to sharing the position with a woman.
Not Available Christine Liu, who is played by Linda Ko, is a perfectionist when it comes to her work as the lead forensic coroner at Vancouver General Hospital. Her perfectionism could be a way for her to balance her work and personal life, the latter of which is always in shambles. She is the person that Sergeant Ali McCormick looks to for advice and she gives it willingly, not refraining from saying what she really thinks and feels.
Not Available Detective Larry Iredell, who is played by Eli Gabay, tends to come across as cold and insensitive, but he is just misunderstood. The new face of policing makes him feel threatened and frustrated because he feels that women in the department may not have earned their speedy promotions. Despite this, he is still a competent investigator, who is able to do the job.
Detective Nick Gallagher, who is played by Paul Boretski, was Sergeant Ali McCormick's partner for three years before Cold Squad. He is a charismatic homicide detective whose enthusiasm is both his best and worst quality, often giving him the reputation as a great undercover cop and a loose cannon. A young and handsome cop, Gallagher's pride was damaged when McCormick chose Cold Squad over him, and he never really understood why she would have wanted to.
Not Available Detective Eddie Carson, who is played by Bob Frazer, was recently assigned to the Cold Squad. He is the hard-working rookie cop in the department.
Not Available Detective Jackie Cortez, who is played by Lori Ann Triolo, is the fiery internal affairs detective who is sent in to work in the Cold Squad unit.
Inspector Simon Ross, who is played by Peter Wingfield, is the sharp, yet ambitious man who is the head of Homicide during his stay. He is a cool and distant police officer who is tall, slim, muscular and energetic.
Not Available Inspector Vince Schneider, who is played by Jerry Wasserman, is the head of the Homicide Department during his stay. He is a street smart cop, who states that having contact with the streets is why he became a cop in the first place. As Sergeant Ali McCormick's boss, he warmed up to her early on, recognizing her talent and ambition right away.
Manny Needlebaum, who is played by Richard Ian Cox, is the neurotic mail delivery person at Cold Squad. He typically offers unsolicited advice and strategy on cases.
Not Available Bernice Boyle, who is played by Sharon Alexander, is Cold Squad's bright and vivacious secretary.