CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Actors
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William Petersen, who plays Gil Grissom, was born on February 21rst, 1953 in Evanston, Illinois. He first discovered acting while on a football scholarship at Idaho State University. He would later go on to study acting in Spain. He has guest starred in a couple of television series -- CSI: Miami and The Twilight Zone -- and has had an extensive movie career. Some of his movies include: The Skulls, Return to Lonesome Dove, The Contender, The Rat Pack, Thief and Young Guns II. He also has done some work behind the scenes as a producer for the television show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as well as the movies, Keep the Change and Hard Promises.
Marg Helgenberger, who plays Catherine Willows, was born Mary Margaret Helgenberger on November 16th, 1958 in North Bend, Nebraska. Currently she lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Alan Rosenberg, whom she met on the set of daytime soap Ryan's Hope in 1986. Bye 1989, the two were married and by 1990, they had a son, Hugh. Helgenberger has starred in a number of television series', including: Partners, Fallen Angels, China Beach, Shell Game and Ryan's Hope. She has also made quite the career being a guest star. For instance, she has been on, CSI: Miami, Matlock, Spenser: For Hire, ER, Frasier and thirtysomething. As for movies, she can be seen in, Bad Boys and Erin Brockovich.
Gary Dourdan, who plays Warrick Brown, was born on December 11th, 1966 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His was born to parents, Robert, a musicians agent, and Sandy, a fashion designer. He began his career as a musician, having attended a performing arts high school, and played in various clubs in a number of cities. He has starred in a couple other television series -- Swift Justice and The Office -- as well as made guest appearances on a variety of shows. Some of these include: CSI: Miami, Soul Food, A Different World, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, 7 Days and Cold Feet.
George Eads, who plays Nick Stokes, was born George Coleman Eads III on March 1rst, 1967 in Forth Worth, Texas. His mother is a school principal and his father, a District Attorney. He attended and graduated from Texas Tech University in 1990 and has since then spent most of his time acting. Eads has starred in such television series' as, Grapevine and Savannah, and has appeared in a guest star capacity on a few shows -- CSI: Miami, ER and Strange Luck. He has also acted in a number of movies. Some of these are, Second String, The Spring, Crowned and Dangerous, Dust to Dust, The Ultimate Lie and Just a Walk in the Park.
Jorja Fox, who plays the part of Sara Sidle, was born Jorja-An Fox on July 7th, 1968 in New York, New York. She was raised in Melbourne Beach, a small coastal town in Florida, before being discoved in a model search at a local mall. She currently lives in Los Angeles and is a part of Heather Grody's Honey Pot -- an all-girl band lead by singer Heather Grody. Fox plays the drums. She also co-founded Honey Pot Productions, with four of her friends, which specializes in producing lesbian-themed plays. She can be seen as a guest star in the television series', CSI: Miami, The West Wing, ER and Ellen as well as the movies, Dead Drunk, Kill-Off, Memento and Velocity Trap.
Paul Guilfoyle, who plays Captain Jim Brass, was born on July 12th, 1955 in South Boston, Massachusetts. His parents are actor Paul Guilfoyle, and actress Kathleen Mulqueen. He currently lives in New York, where he has been a longtime resident, with his wife and daughter. Guilfoyle has guest starred in a great range of television series' including: CSI: Miami, Law & Order, Ally McBeal, Central Park West, New York Undercover, Miami Vice, Wiseguy among others. He has also been in numerous movies, some of which are, Air Force One, Striptease, L.A. Confidential, Extreme Measures, Ransom, Beverly Hills Cop II, Random Hearts, In Dreams and Three Men and a Baby.
Eric Szmanda, who plays the role of Greg Sanders, was born on July 24th, 1975 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He enjoys snow boarding and producing music, especially if it is heavy metal. Before his role on CSI, Szmanda starred in the television series, The Net. He has guest starred in a number of shows including: CSI: Miami, Three Sisters, Freakylinks, Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane and Oh Baby. As for movies, he can be seen in 100 Girls, True Vinyl and Rules of Attraction.