Dragnet - Characters
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Detective Joe Friday, who is played by Ed O'Neill, is a seasoned veteran who has seen it all. Though a veteran of the beat, he still has great passion and energy for his job. The cynical, yet unfussy, detective works the day shift out of robbery/homicide, investigating the grisly cases that land on his desk with his new partner -- the young Frank Smith. Friday doesn't hesitate to aid in explaining things to his less experianced partner when the time presents itself.
After being vice for a short time, Detective Frank Smith, who is played by Ethan Embry, was promoted to the robbery/homicide division. He is the young partner of Joe Friday, who eargerly looks to the older detective for explanations and advice. Smith is a straight forward man who because of his age, must endure occasional crack about his youth and lug boxes of evidence.
Detective Lisa Macias, who is played by Roselyn Sanchez, has a military background which ultimately led her to the LAPD. She is working her way up the ranks in pursuit of a gold shield. She often knocks heads with Friday by always speaking her mind.
Detective Jimmy McCarron, who is played by Desmond Harrington, is a hot-tempered native of the Bronx. He is a passionate, yet agressive young detective who, though at times can be volatile, is still an excellent cop.
Detective Gloria Duran, who is played by Eva Longoria, has a background that allows her to assimilate into the multi-racial Los Angeles landscape. She is an expert interrogator who is well trained in psychology.
Detective Raymond Cooper, who is played by Evan Parke, is a Los Angelino native. Along with being a dedicated cop who can see the big picture, Cooper is a deeply spiritual family man.
Deputy District Attorney Sandy Chang, who is played by Christina Chang, is politically ambitious and hopes that one day she will be able to parlay her current role into a job as City Attorney.