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The Silver Slayer
Guest Starring: Timothy Lee DePriest (Brett Stoffel), Nicki Micheaux (Emma Guzman), Anna Gunn (Dr. Louise Nottingham), Lindsay Crouse (Captain), Shaun Duke (Victor Tenishuli), Greta Blackburn (Cleo), Susan Traylor (Marcia Hills), Jon Polito (Richard Maughm), Erick Avari (Sanjay Ramachandran), Shuko Akune (Norie Kimura), Toshi Toda (Mitsohiro Kimora), Brynn Matsuura (Jennifer Kimora) and Nanea (Sandra Kimora)

Description: Detectives Friday and Smith are called to a gruesome crime scene. A woman has been murdered, her body decomposed and silver is found on her body. Unfortunately, they are not done. It happens again, and again, and again. They think they have a suspect, a drifter who is caught near the second crime scene. But he is mortally wounded during the pursuit and dies soon after, meanwhile more murders are taking place, each with the silver calling card.

Original Airdate: February 2nd, 2003
Writer: Tyler Bensinger
Director: Jean de Segonzac
The Big Ruckus
Guest Starring: Matt Newton (Greg Novic), Peggy Dunne (Terry - Coronor's Investigator), Peter Navy Tuiasosopo (Dr. Albert Hinola), Robert Hooks (Captain), Robert Gossett (Howard Sykes), Malakai Davidson (Kermit), Edward Edwards (Gerald Biehl), Mimi Michaels (Alana Biehl), Diane Perell (Mrs. Biehl), Elizabeth Ann Bennett (Keri Toft), Geoff Stults (Lee Calof) and Dasto Kalili (Farhad Payami)

Description: When the body of a rich college kid is found in MacArthur Park, everyone figures the murder must be a case of a drug deal gone bad. But once Friday and Smith get the heart of the case they get exposed to a new kind of entertainment.

Original Airdate: February 9th, 2003
Writers: Marc Guggenheim, Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie
Director: Kevin Hooks
All That Glitters
Guest Starring: Corbin Bernsen (Richard Andrews), Teri Polo (Jessie Ross), Marisa Brown (Lisa), Shiek Mahmud-Bey (B-Dog), Mark Ivanir (Anatoly Derian), Bruce Payne (Alex Karp), Gary Graham (Stan Mackey), David Kagen (Turner), Bonnie Root (Julie Davis), Jonathan Goldsmith (Neil), Joe O'Connor (Tobias), Daniel Raymont (David Sellers), Manny Suarez (Estevez) and Regina Berger (Brandy)

Description: Detective Friday is concerned that a small-time movie executive isn't telling all she knows regarding her investors and the gangland style murder in Malibu of one of her co-workers.

Original Airdate: February 16th, 2003
Writer: Robert Port
Director: Darnell Martin
Well Endowed
Guest Starring: Bobby Preston (Sam Lynde), Gabrielle Fitzpatrick (Mariah), Alberto Isaac (Ramon), Christina Pickles (Helena Rosemont), John Gallucci (Dolan Brown) and Sandra Bernhard (Alberta Danner)

Description: While investigating the brutal murder of a little-known actress, Detectives Friday and Smith come across a number of people who might have information including a tabloid journalist, a wannabe porn star and a socially prominent Los Angeles family.

Original Airdate: February 23rd, 2003
Writer: Walon Green
Director: Walon Green
The Cutting of the Swath
Guest Starring: Blair Bess (Detective Ray Daniels), Peggy Dunne (Terry - Coronor's Investigator), Lindsay Crouse (Captain) and Anna Gunn (Dr. Louise Nottingham)

Description: Detectives Friday and Smith race to find the young son of a deranged man who's on a rampage to kill his entire family; and Smith takes the case a little too personally.

Original Airdate: March 2nd, 2003
Writers: Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie
Director: Guy Norman Bee
The Brass Ring
Guest Starring: Lindsay Crouse (Captain Haggerman), Sarah Wayne Callies (Kate), Jeff Cahill (Pinky), Dan Grimaldi (Alvin Moresco), Brian Poth (Brian Stowe), Lisa Zane (Deborah Larsen), Dayton Callie (Peter Carey)

Description: The fiancÚ of a rising young Hollywood actress is found stabbed to death in the Hollywood Hills. Detectives Friday and Smith visit a movie studio head and a drug dealer to look for clues and find a shocking secret.

Original Airdate: March 9th, 2003
The Artful Dodger
Guest Starring: Arly Jover (Katrina Fluery), Richard Cox (Alex Van Loy), Karen Mistal (Laura), Wolf Muser (), Erick Avari (Sanjay Ramachandran), J. Patrick McCormack (), Tara Chocol () and Leland Crooke ()

Description: A customer is killed during a multimillion dollar jewelry robbery. During the investigation, Friday and Smith meet a British insurance company P.I. who attempts to use them to recover the stolen jewels. Friday also knocks heads with the arrogant owner of a private security company.

Original Airdate: March 16th, 2003
Writers: Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie
Director: Thomas J. Wright
Sticks and Stones
Guest Starring: Kris Lemche (Randy Southbrook), Erick Avari (Sanjay Ramachandran), Kevin Cooney (Hugh Hightower), Jessica McCabe (), Cordelia Richards (), Ron Perkins (), Steven Barr (), Ellen Bry (), Brent Hinkley (Cliff Hartley), David Wells (), Paul Gleason (Matt Margolis), Jodi Hettinga (Nancy Pringle), Phil Abrams (Gerald Owens), Kat Sawyer-Young (Jennifer Tasker), John Diehl (Rupert Myles), David Wells (Jeff Murphy), Kimberlee Peterson () and Joshua Swanson (Jerry Richter)

Description: Detectives Friday and Smith investigate the satanic ritual killing of a teen girl. They look at her classmates including one who admits he should be the prime suspect.

Original Airdate: March 30th, 2003
Writers: Shannon Goss and Tyler Bensinger
Director: Kevin Dowling
Guest Starring: Lauren Velez (Det. Denise Beltran), William Russ (Ted Paris), Lindsay Crouse (Capt. Ruth Hagermann), Erick Avari (Sanjay Ramachandran), Denise Y. Dowse (), Matthew John Armstrong (Michael Byrne), Kerry Carney (Jennifer), Kent Faulcon (), James McDonnell (Joseph Nash), Kevin Crowley (Kevin Ellis) and Larry Rose ()

Description: Detective Friday and Detective Beltran find out a hidden secret behind a run of the mill suicide.

Original Airdate: April 6th, 2003
Writers: Brian Ross and Robert Nathan
Director: Darnell Martin
Let's Make a Deal
Guest Starring: Kevin Dunn (J.J. Halsted), Angela Featherstone (Amy Halsted), Chuti Tiu (Mira Jameela), Kevin Breznahan (James Warner), Andre Blake (Todd Barnes), Loanne Bishop (Brenda Hollister), Chris Ufland (Richard Wilkins), Bradford English (Bart McKay), Jeffrey DeCoste Jr. (Andrew Halsted), Jessel Monteverde (Sahim), Suanne Spoke (Darlene Stimson), Jeff Ricketts (Ruben Jones), Tony Pasqualini (District Attorney), Hal Havins (Dave Peet), Francois Chau (Edward Laseur) and Michelle Haner (Tina Lazar)

Description: A Hollywood super-agent's infant son is kidnapped. It is discovered that the infant is the nanny's. That is the least of the problems for the Detectives on this case.

Original Airdate: April 13th, 2003
Writer: Tyler Bensinger
Director: Jean de Segonzac
For Whom the Whistle Blows
Guest Starring: Geno Lechner (), Lauren Velez (Detective Beltran), Lindsay Crouse (), Paul Leyden (), Christina Chang (), Nicolas Surovy (Christopher Meeker), Erick Avari (Sanjay Ramachandran), Ben Crowley (Zachary Meeker), Jason Brooks (), Paul Collins (Martin Hindle), Judy Jean Berns (), Mario Marcelino (), Robin Karfo (), Joyce Guy (), Patrick Kilpatrick (Gilbert Muncie), Melissa Lechner (), Brett Wagner (Henry Berk) and Steve Tom ()

Description: A woman, missing for six years, is found dead in her car on a beach.

Original Airdate: April 27th, 2003
Writers: Robert Nathan, Jay Beattie and Walon Green
Director: Guy Norman Bee
The Little Guy
Guest Starring: Esther Mercado (Anna), James Paradise (Henry Polk), Mercedes Colon (Estella DeNoen), Randle Mell (Jack Quinn), Omar Angulano (Tommy Martinez), Spencer Garrett (Roy Wingate), John Capodice (Sal Licati), Sage Kirkpatrick (Denise Blondine), John Capodice (Horacio Garcia), Raymond J. Barry (Cordera Sergeant Gil Thorne)

Description: While trying to protect an innocent suspect linked to the Sanchez brothers, Friday puts his career on the line by killing a cop.

Original Airdate: May 11th, 2003
Writer: Robert Nathan
Director: Donna Deitch
Daddy's Girl
Guest Starring: Douglas Roberts (Wade Stanton), Mik Scriba (), Amanda Fuller (Emily Ambrose), Jeremy Roberts (Earl Ambrose), Jeannette Brox (Angie Braddock), Clyde Yasuhara (Michael Kim), Blaire Baron (), Aaron Hill (Greg Parenteau), Erick Avari (Sanjay Ramachandran) and Bodhi Elfman (Kevin O'Malley)

Description: Joe and his crew investigate the murder of a teenager who was burned and left for dead. Family honor is put to the test when the victom's father wants justice while assailant's father protects his child from the law.

Original Airdate: October 4th, 2003
Writer: Carter Harris
Director: Steve Shill
Guest Starring: Tony Plana (Father Rafael Sosa), David Andrews (), Paul Cassell (Byron Balasco), Lillian Hurst (Maria Ramos #2), Lorna Raver (Judge Ruth Salke), Erick Avari (Sanjay Ramachandran) and Carlos Gomez (Torres)

Description: The detectives discover a major prostitution ring while investigating a woman's murder.

Original Airdate: October 11th, 2003
Writer: David Wilcox
Director: Kevin Dowling
17 in 6
Guest Starring: Victor Togunde (B' Mo (aka Evan Guy)) and Shawn H. Smith (Lil' Mo (aka Maurice Guy))

Description: Detective Cooper looks for help to find those involved in a deadly gang war.

Original Airdate: October 18th, 2003
Writer: Joshua Pate
Director: Paul Shapiro
The Magic Bullet
Guest Starring: Michael Massee (Victor Hellman), Robin Barlett (), Neil Hopkins (), Randy Oglesby (), Jennifer Sky (Melissa Edgar), Hamish Linklater (Kevin Grimes), Nicole DeHuff (Claudia Hellman) and Lee Garlington (Mrs. Price)

Description: The death of a fan at a wild Hollywood party lead the detectives to a record producer with a gun fetish.

Original Airdate: October 25th, 2003
Writers: Dan Dworkin & Jay Beattie
Director: Aaron Lipstadt
Slice of Life
Guest Starring: David Andrews (Capt. Silva), Candace Edwards (), Kenneth Choi (), John Duerler (), Sy Richardson (), Dale Dickey (), Justin Urich (), Jason Padgett (), Peter James Smith (), Alicia Sedwick (), Dean Norris (Leon Tate), Robert Rusler (), Robin Bartlett (Donna Bostick), Saul Rubinek (Marc Guggenheim), Marc Vann (Fergus Cook), Charles Esten (Carl Savitsky) and Barry Gordon (Alan Sperry)

Description: When fishermen find a woman's headless body offshore, detectives discover she had recently given birth, but there was no sign of the baby.

Original Airdate: November 1rst, 2003
Guest Starring: Kathy McGraw (LAPD Press Officer), Peter James Smith (Stoneman), Erich Anderson (), Robin Riker (), Brian Bloom (), Steven Flynn (), Bob Morrisey (), Robin Bartlett (Donna Bostick), Holly Fulger () and Josie DiVincenzo ()

Description: The detectives investagate the abduction and killing of the son of a couple involved in an alternative lifestyle.

Original Airdate: April 21rst, 2004
Writer: Jonas Pate
Director: Keith Samples
Frame of Mind
Guest Starring: Sarah Brown (Nicole Harrison), Zachary Quinto (Howard Simms), Namrata S. Gujral-Cooper (Yossi Saadi), Anthony Azizi (John Saadi), Mary Ellen Lyon (), Nicole Randall Johnson (), Doug McKeon (), Alex S. Alexander (), Dougald Park (), K. T. Thangavelu (), Danny Strong (), Shiren Kadivar (), Jay Harik () and Jamie McShane ()

Description: The killing of a traveling salesman maybe connected to the unsolved murder of an adult movie star's father.

Original Airdate: April 28th, 2004
Writer: Tyler Bensinger
Director: Joe Ann Fogle
Guest Starring: Tony Amendola (), Ned Eisenberg (), Tom Ayers (), Cynthia Ettinger (), Robert Baker (), Tom Wright (), Amy Ryder (), Todd Felix (), Mark Lewis (), Job Falk (), Stana Katic (), Sam Witwer (), Robin Bartlett (Donna Bostick) and Kim Evey ()

Description: Detectives suspect an alleged victim of sexual abuse is responsible for decapitating an Orthodox priest.

Original Airdate: May 5th, 2004
Writer: Phillipe Browning
Director: Jeffrey Reiner
Guest Starring: Jake Bern (Charlie Kisselback)

Description: The deaths of an artist an his girlfriend leads the detectives to a case of poisoned drugs. when they arrest the dealer they have to prevent more people from dying and find the man who made the drugs.

Original Airdate: Unaired
Killing Field
Guest Starring:

Description: When a man is arrested for shoplift, using a missing person's car, police finds in the car the belongings of two other missing people. While in custody the suspect kills himself. Soon after, the detectives find in his house not only torture elements and videos but also human bones and several graves. One of the videos indicates that there was an accomplice.

Original Airdate: Unaired