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Mike Olshansky, who is played by David Morse, was once a decorated police officer. However, he was abruptly kicked off the force after stealing money from a crime scene. With his old law enforcement career no longer an option, he became a taxi driver, and now uses his police know-how to help those in need whenever he can. He does this by calling upon his old friends, Marcellus Washington and Father Tom "Grizz" Grzelak who each help him in their own way. He has an estranged wife, Heather, and a son, Michael Jr., with whom he tries to mend a damaged relationship with.
Marcellus Washington, who is played by Andre Braugher, is the former partner of Mike Olshansky. Because Olshansky has kept quiet about a secret that could have ruined his own police career, he helps him out by giving him the inside information he needs to help others. He also looks upon Olshansky to do the work a cop can't legally do.
Father Tom "Grizz" Grzelak, who is played by George Dzundza, is Mike Olshansky's drinking partner and lifelong friend. Though he, himself, is troubled and sad, he doesn't hesitate to offer council whenever Olshansky is in need and often acts as his combative conscience.
Michael Olshansky, Jr., who is played by Matthew Borish, is the son of Mike and Heather Olshansky. He has a damaged relationship with his father, who is trying to mend the feelings between the two.
Heather Olshansky, who is played by Donna Murphy, is the estranged wife of Mike Olshansky and the mother of Mike Olshansky, Jr. She used to work at a hospital until her ex-husband got her fired when he tried to help her expose a doctor's fatal mistake.