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Guest Starring: Lee Tergesen (Carl Ginley), Mark Margolis (Nicolai Zosimov) and Conor O'Farrell (Paul Goodman)

Description: Mike helps a minister find his runaway teenage daughter who was lured to Philadelphia by an online child predator.

Original Airdate: September 27th, 2002
Writer: David Koepp
Director: Thomas Carter
Guest Starring: Fisher Stevens (Donnie Franco) and David Patrick Kelly (Eddie O'Daniel)

Description: Mike comes to regret helping a gambler who owes money to a bookie; Marcellus requests his old partner's assistance in apprehending a suspected killer.

Original Airdate: October 24th, 2002
Writer: David Koepp
Director: Thomas Carter
Domestic Disturbance
Guest Starring: Brad Beyer (Daren Adams), Mark Margolis (Nicolai Zosimov), Abigail Breslin (Kayla Adams) and Colleen Clinton (Jeanine Adams)

Description: Mike comes to the aid of the wife and daughter of a cop who are fleeing the violence of their home, and finds them temporary refuge at Saint Victor's. After Grizz tells the wife that Mike's a former cop, she flees to New Jersey where Mike quickly tracks her down. Upon their return to Philly, Marcellus arrests them for kidnapping but is forced to release them when neither one will reveal the whereabouts of the little girl. Marcellus connects Mike with the cop, who tells a story that resonates uncomfortably with Mike's recollection of his own behavior, which is confirmed by his son. Troubled, he talks to Grizz and then follows his advice to make amends with Heather. When Mike sets a trap to discover the truth about the cop's abuse, he finds that the truth is not always what it seems.

Original Airdate: October 11th, 2002
Writer: Lawrence Kaplow
Director: David Platt
My Alibi
Guest Starring: Idris Elba (Mac Boone), Oksana Babiy (Katrina Nibs) and Jason Antoon (Henry Nibs)

Description: Mike's attempts to help a passenger being threatened by his recently paroled ex-partner land him in a world of trouble with his former captain while he sorts out which partner is telling the truth about their business going up in smoke; Mikey lies to provide an alibi for his father when Mike is accused of a shooting; Grizz confronts Mike with some hard truths about his motivations and priorities in life; Heather tells Mike that he lost a badge, but their son lost a hero; Mike makes amends to his son for ruining their weekend and finds forgiveness.

Original Airdate: October 18th, 2002
Writer: Liz Friedman
Director: Michael Fields
My Brother's Keeper
Guest Starring: Moira Kelly (Vanessa Griffin), Jason Ritter (Teddy Griffin), Mums (Omar) and Mark Kochanowicz (Officer)

Description: Mike's efforts to help his friend Vanessa get her brother Teddy off the streets and off drugs puts all of them in danger after Teddy steals a dope dealer's $15,000 stash. When Mike strikes a bargain to spare their lives in exchange for paying the dealer the wholesale price of the drugs, he discovers that Teddy has stolen all of Vanessa's money, as well as the drugs provided by Marcellus to bust the dealer. Mike is forced to come to the painful realization that going to prison may be Teddy's only salvation.

Original Airdate: October 25th, 2002
Writer: Thomas L. Moran
Director: Harry Winer
Slippery Slope
Guest Starring: John Dossett (Jack Shannon), Mark Margolis (Nicolai Zosimov), Cindy Katz (Bettina Corwin) and Damon Gupton (Mark Nelson)

Description: Mike takes a job chauffeuring loanshark Jack Shannon, but begins to have doubts about the wisdom of doing so after Grizz and Marcellus warn him that he's headed down a slippery slope. After he's goaded into beating up a man to collect on a debt for Shannon, Mike realizes that his friends are right that he's headed for trouble, and tells Shannon he's quitting. Shannon tries to entice him to stay by offering to call in a favor with the District Attorney and have the case which led to Mike's dismissal from the force thrown out. Although he's sorely tempted, Mike turns Shannon down. After Mike leaves, Marcellus appears and is greeted warmly by Shannon.

Original Airdate: November 1rst, 2002
Writer: Frank Renzulli
Director: Robert Singer
Husbands and Wives
Guest Starring: John Dossett (Jack Shannon), Michael Hayden (Nick Bennett) and Diane Neal (Patricia Bennett)

Description: After Marcellus frames bookie Nick Bennett for smuggling guns and Bennett's wife asks Mike to help clear him, Mike discovers that Jack Shannon is blackmailing Marcellus and using him to extort Bennett. Mike arranges a sit-down between Bennett and Shannon, tricks Shannon into confessing to a crime, and uses the confession which Marcellus has captured on tape to blackmail Shannon into cutting Bennett and Marcellus loose.

Original Airdate: November 8th, 2002
Writers: Thomas L. Moran and Leonard Dick
Director: Fred Gerber
Songs in the Night
Guest Starring: John Heard (Paul/Peter Ballinger)

Description: When a homeless man dies in his cab, Olshansky sets out to find the man's estranged family.

Original Airdate: November 15th, 2002
Writer: Randy Anderson
Director: Felix Enriquez Alcala
Bad Choices
Guest Starring: Brian Anthony Wilson (Raymond Henley), Adam LeFevre (Chuck Bynum) and Tawny Cypress (Anna Rowe)

Description: After Mike picks up Chuck, a frantic naked man, he helps him track down the prostitute who robbed him of his clothes, money, and most importantly, his wedding ring. They find Anna, the prostitute, who tells them that Raymond, her abusive pimp, has taken Chuck's belongings. Sympathetic to her plight, Mike offers to buy Anna's freedom from Raymond in addition to Chuck's wedding ring. After Raymond returns his ring, Chuck decides not to pay the $5000 Raymond wants for Anna, and sets Mike up for arrest. After Grizz bails him out, Mike fights Raymond to help Anna escape. Chuck finally tells the police and his wife the truth. Even though she throws him out, he's determined to win her back. Mike takes Chuck's $5000 and pays off Grizz's debt to a loan shark, which eliminates Grizz's need to "borrow" money from the collection plate.

Original Airdate: November 22nd, 2002
Writer: Leonard Dick
Director: Phil Sgriccia
All Night Long
Guest Starring: Mark Margolis (Nicolai Zosimov), Kali Rocha (Joyce) and Marisa Ryan (Melissa)

Description: Mike picks up a man who has just been given $10,000 to help an immigrant mother reunite with her lost child. When the fare leaves the money in the backseat of the cab, Mike experiences a night of manic complications trying to return it. He takes a woman in labor to the hospital, and later reunites her with the absent father; his cab is towed; he's hauled in by the police; and he enlists the help of a pair of street hustlers peddling fake Rolexes in an effort to assist a woman who is being blackmailed. When he finally hooks up with his passenger and returns the money, we discover that the man is a con artist who is using the money to play high-stakes poker.

Original Airdate: December 6th, 2002
Writers: Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner
Director: Elodie Keene
Guest Starring: Jennifer Esposito (Abby Banks), John Benjamin Hickey (Dr. Martin Shane), Jonathan Walker (Phil White) and David Fonteno (Dr. Terrence Giles)

Description: Olshansky becomes the bodyguard for Abby, a woman terrorized by a stalker that neither she nor anyone else has ever seen. The signature item he leaves is a red rose. After Olshansky and Abby have a tryst, Olshansky tells her it can't continue. The next day, someone shoots at Olshansky -- is it the stalker, or is it Abby, and the stalker is a figment of her imagination?

Original Airdate: December 20th, 2002
Writers: Liz Friedman and Thomas L. Moran
Director: Fred Gerber
A Dangerous Game
Guest Starring: Titus Welliver (Zachary), James Eckhouse (Anthony Lewis Sparks) and Meghan Wolf (Jody Lincoln)

Description: Mike helps a Department of Justice employee whose sister has been kidnapped by a hitman who wants information about a banker in the Witness Protection Program who is scheduled to testify against the drug dealer whose money he laundered.

Original Airdate: January 10th, 2003
Writers: George Schenck and Frank Cardea
Director: Dan Lerner
Death of Innocence
Guest Starring: Paul Adelstein (Aldo Rossi), Jennifer Westfeldt (Emily Carson), Brian Smiar (Bill Olshansky) and Natacha Roi (Patty Fulton)

Description: Marcellus gets a new partner, Aldo Rossi, and Mike has trouble adjusting to the change; after initially resisting Heather's suggestion that he reconcile with his father on his upcoming birthday, Mike finally relents, but his father rejects both his present and Mike; the "Inquirer" reporter who wrote the story of Mike's arrest now wants to paint him as a hero, much to Mike's disgust; when his friend Doug is killed in a hit-and-run accident after he gets out of his cab, Mike promises Doug's son Bobby that he will find the man who killed his father; after finding out that Doug had uncovered a fraudulent scheme at his company, Mike suspects that the company's chief financial officer had a hand in his death, and has mixed feelings when he is proved wrong by Rossi, who uncovers the real culprit.

Original Airdate: January 17th, 2003
Writers: Lynne E. Litt, Craig DiBona and Lawrence Kaplow
Director: Phil Sgriccia
Forgive, But Don't Forget
Guest Starring: Lindsay Crouse (Beth Kulvicki), Nick Mancuso (Vahan Badakian) and Paul Adelstein (Aldo Rossi)

Description: Mike Jr. is upset when he sees a copy of his parents' divorce decree and gets into the sacramental wine at St. Vincent's, leading Mike to realize the importance of spending more time with his son; Grizz's high school sweetheart comes back into his life when she divorces her husband and comes to work at the parish; the cop who arrested Mike is mounting a case against Marcellus and asks Mike to flip on his former partner; when the cop's son is murdered during a robbery, Marcellus is assigned the case, which goes cold when the only witness is murdered; Mike and Marcellus join forces to find the cop before he administers some street justice to his son's killer; Marcellus offers to help his nemesis cover up his execution of the killer, but the cop declines and turns himself in, giving Marcellus a chance to get out from under his corrupt behavior.

Original Airdate: January 31rst, 2003
Writer: David Ehrman
Director: Bobby Roth
Brothers in Arms
Guest Starring: Gary Cole (Johnny Scanlon) and Chad Lowe (Jimmy Scanlon)

Description: Heather, Mikey and Grizz keep vigil as Marcellus and the rest of the force hunt down Johnny Scanlon, who has kidnapped Mike and threatens to execute him at the exact same as Johnny's brother Jimmy is executed by the state because Mike precipitated the incident many years before which led to Jimmy's killing a cop.

Original Airdate: February 7th, 2003
Writers: Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Black Eye
Guest Starring: Bebe Neuwirth (Faith O'Connor), Martha Plimpton (Louise O'Connor) and Lindsay Crouse (Beth Kulvicki)

Description: Romantic feelings resurface between Olshansky and his high school girlfriend as he reconnects with her while trying to help her schizophrenic sister. While trying to find a way for the mentally unstable Louise (Martha Plimpton) to accept the care and medicine she has long rejected, Olshansky looks into her seemingly outrageous claim of being pursued by a dangerous man. As he reconnects with Louise's sister, Faith (Bebe Neuwirth), the two begin to explore whether a rekindled romance might bring them the happiness that has eluded them in recent years.

Original Airdate: February 14th, 2003
Writer: Steven Phillip Smith
Director: David Jones
Third Strike
Guest Starring: Robert Clohessy (Jack Tully), Viola Davis (Stevie Morgan), James Badge Dale (Billy Ryan) and Shannon Burkett (Jody Hawthorn)

Description: A burglar that Mike once put in jail fears a third strike conviction if he reports that he witnessed a murder as he lay in wait to rob an office, and he goes to Mike for help in convincing the police that the wrong man has been arrested for the crime. The detective on the case has a long-standing grudge against Mike, so he does an end run around her by enlisting Marcellus's help. When they discover that the perp is an undercover cop, they are forced to devise a plan to trap him into confessing.

Original Airdate: February 21rst, 2003
Writers: George Schenck and Frank Cardea
Director: Kristoffer Tabori
Sinners and Saints
Guest Starring: Jennifer Westfeldt (Emily Carson), Bebe Neuwirth (Faith O'Connor), Lindsay Crouse (Beth Kulvicki), Robert Petkoff (Bill Burke) and Gregg Edelman (Ryan Ambrose)

Description: An exhausted E.R. doctor's error results in a man's death, and an upset Heather seeks Mike's help when the hospital administration refuses to take action after she reveals that the doctor falsified the man's chart to cover up his mistake; Mike convinces a reluctant Heather to give the story to reporter Emily Carson, whose investigation results in Heather's being fired and blacklisted on a trumped-up charge; Mike's concern that Heather may have to move far from Philadelphia with Mikey to find work puts a strain on his budding relationship with Faith, who begins to doubt that Mike is over Heather; Mike enlists the help of Ryan Ambrose, a psychiatrist at the hospital who supports Heather, in obtaining information that convinces the E.R. doctor to back up Heather's account of the patient's death and to admit his mistakes to Emily; Heather is reinstated, and she and Mike realize that it's over after spending the night together, leaving Mike free to commit himself to a relationship with Faith, and Heather free to begin dating Ryan; after Grizz defies the bishop when he's told to disregard Beth's successes with the program and fire her solely because she's getting divorced, he realizes that Mike may be correct about his real, unconscious motivation.

Original Airdate: March 14th, 2003
Writer: Liz Friedman
Director: Bill L. Norton
Guest Starring: Gregg Edelman (Ryan Ambrose), Brian Smiar (Bill Olshansky), Paul Adelstein (Aldo Rossi), Will Bozarth (Frederick Morton) and Adam Grupper (Jenkins)

Description: After Mike convinces Marcellus to help him work to free a man they incorrectly helped send to prison, he incurs the further wrath of his father; Mike has mixed feelings when he discovers that Heather is seriously dating Ryan, who begins to provide Mikey with perks that are way out of Mike's league; Grizz assures Mike of his son's love, and Mikey confirms that for his father.

Original Airdate: April 4th, 2003
Writer: Lynne E. Litt
Director: Michael Zinberg
All Others Pay Cash
Guest Starring: Bebe Neuwirth (Faith O'Connor), Lindsay Crouse (Beth Kulvicki), Gregg Edelman (Ryan Ambrose), Brian Smiar (Bill Olshansky) and Paul Adelstein (Aldo Rossi)

Description: After Bill Olshansky has heart attack which creates irreversible and uncurable heart damage, Mike's decision to take care of his father leads them over rough territory as they hash out old grievances and can't seem to connect; in an attempt to get them to reconcile, Faith provides some words of wisdom for both father and son which finally enables them to bridge the gulf that separates them before Bill dies; picking up on Mike's feelings about Ryan, Mikey begins acting out towards the new man in his mother's life; Grizz is suspended by the bishop after $2,000 is missing from the collection money; Mike enlists the help of Aldo and the altar boys in exposing the real thief; Grizz contemplates leaving the priesthood in the face of his growing attraction to Beth, coupled with the bishop's lack of confidence and support.

Original Airdate: April 18th, 2003
Writer: David Ehrman
Director: Phil Sgriccia
True Lies
Guest Starring: Bebe Neuwirth (Faith O'Connor), Paul Adelstein (Aldo Rossi), Cindy Katz (Bettina Corwin), Sophina Brown (Tammi Anderson) and Ritchie Coster (Nick Trepov)

Description: As Olshansky's trial nears, he begins to investigate allegations that Marcellus, whom he's been risking jail time to protect, may have secretly been on the take for years, in Part One of a two-part first season finale of Hack. With pressure from Olshansky's lawyer and Heather to reveal Marcellus' shared guilt in order to avoid potential jail time, Olshansky starts to question and investigate Marcellus -- who is looking more and more like a long-time dirty cop. When Marcellus' junkie informant, Tammi, is murdered after betraying him to Internal Affairs, Marcellus becomes the prime suspect, and Olshansky isn't sure if he believes Marcellus' denials. Meanwhile, tension arises between Olshansky and Faith after he is arrested for being forceful with the District Attorney for serving Mike Jr. with a subpoena.

Original Airdate: April 25th, 2003
Writer: Thomas L. Moran
Director: Fred Gerber
The Squeeze
Guest Starring: Bebe Neuwirth (Faith O'Connor), Paul Adelstein (Aldo Rossi), Cindy Katz (Bettina Corwin), Ritchie Coster (Nick Trepov), Gregg Edelman (Ryan Ambrose) and Darnell Williams (Brian Anderson)

Description: Despite his recently revealed betrayals toward Olshansky, Marcellus manages to convince him to investigate why his only alibi is trying to make him look guilty of his informant's murder, in Part Two of a two-part first season finale of Hack. Though Olshansky gets information that links Marcellus' alibi, Zeke, to Trepov -- a gangster who boldly admits to Marcellus that he's framing him for the murder he, himself, committed -- Zeke, who fears retribution from Trepov, refuses to tell the truth to Internal Affairs. Further complicating matters, Trepov has information on Marcellus that has long enabled him to blackmail him. Meanwhile, as a jail sentence begins to seem very likely for Olshansky, he seriously contemplates implicating Marcellus for immunity. Also, Heather surprises Olshansky with the news of her engagement to Dr. Ambrose, and Olshansky's relationship with Faith is in jeopardy.

Original Airdate: May 2nd, 2003
Writer: Lawrence Kaplow
Director: Robert Singer
See No Evil
Guest Starring: Gregg Edelman (Ryan Ambrose), Chuck Cooper (Hayden), James McCaffrey (Coslow), James Rebhorn (Richard Farrell), Jacqueline Torres (Liz Garza) and Matt Czuchry (Jamie Farrell)

Description: Starting out fresh, Mike puts some distance between himself and Marcellus, grieves over Grizz's transfer to New Orleans, and moves into a new house, where he meets his energetic new neighbor, Liz Garza, who turns out to be an ex-nun turned probation officer; Jamie Farrell, a young man with a troubled past who isn't quite what he seems, enlists Mike's help after he witnesses a quadruple murder and is pursued by the D.E.A. agents who committed the crime; Mike seeks out Marcellus for information, and is warned to steer clear; risking his career, Marcellus saves Mike and Jaime from certain death at the hand of the agents; faced with a serious illness, Marcellus reaches out for Mike's friendship.

Original Airdate: September 27th, 2003
Writers: Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner
Director: Robert Singer
Hidden Agenda
Guest Starring: Jacqueline Torres (Liz Garza), Matt Czuchry (Jamie Farrell), Cindy Katz (Bettina Corwin), Sterling K. Brown (Rasheed Morgan), Anika Noni Rose (Vicky Morgan) and Michael Gaston (Claymore)

Description: Mike and Marcellus work together to free an innocent man caught up in the nightmare of being falsely accused of terrorism by an F.B.I. agent who runs amok under the cover of the so-called "Patriot" Act when bombs go off at the Criminal Justice Center; in a misguided attempt to help, Jaime uses Mike's computer to hack into the F.B.I.'s database, which only leads to landing Mike in custody as well; Mike uses his time in custody to figure out that the bombings might be personal rather than institutional attacks, and gives Jaime the opportunity to redeem himself by having him hack into the PPD's database to find the link between the victims, who ends up being an ex-con out to destroy the people responsible for putting him behind bars; Mike and Marcellus track the bomber down just in time to prevent him from harming the next victim on his list, his probation officer, who turns out to be Mike's neighbor Liz.

Original Airdate: October 4th, 2003
Writer: David Ehrman
Director: Phil Sgriccia
Presumed Guilty
Guest Starring: Cindy Katz (Bettina Corwin), Christopher Orr (Brian Lowe), David Harbour (Christopher Clark), David Vadim (Manny Dedrick), Francie Swift (Jennifer Holt), Jacqueline Torres (Liz Garza) and Matt Czuchry (Jamie Farrell)

Description: Bettina's client Brian is released on a technicality after being accused of murder, and he seeks Mike's help in finding out who actually committed the crime so that his name and reputation can be restored; Marcellus undergoes surgery and gets good news from his doctor and a rebuke from Deborah for keeping his condition hidden; Liz helps Brian find a job and place to live when his employer and his wife abandon him; Jamie uses his street skills and some fast talking to provide Mike with an impressive vehicle in his search for information to support Brian's story; when he unearths information about the victim which reveals that she and her family were not who they appeared to be, Mike traps the murderer and clears Brian's name; as Mike arrives to take him home from the hospital, Marcellus is shot by a man posing as an orderly.

Original Airdate: October 11th, 2003
Writers: George Schenck & Frank Cardea
Director: David Platt
Collateral Damage
Guest Starring: Jacqueline Torres (Liz Garza), Matt Czuchry (Jamie Farrell), Paul Adelstein (Aldo Rossi), David Vadim (Manny Dedrick), Jordan Bridges (Jordan Blodgett) and J.D. Jackson (Skeeter D.)


Original Airdate: October 18th, 2003
Writer: Steven Phillip Smith
Director: Michael Zinberg
Out of the Ashes
Guest Starring: Amy Ryan (Leda Mills), Lenny Venito (Alec Tyson) and Chad L. Coleman (Lafonso)


Original Airdate: October 25th, 2003
Writer: Liz Friedman
Director: Kristoffer Tabori
My Fare Lady
Guest Starring: Matt Czuchry (Jamie Farrell) and Kelli Williams (Charlotte Weston)

Description: Mike helps an amnesiac regain her memory to uncover who has marked her for murder; Jamie helps Mike reveal her unsavory past, but not before Mike falls for her; Jamie pretends to be Marcellus to impress a girl he meets online, and Marcellus goes along with it, in exchange for Jamie's painting his kitchen.

Original Airdate: November 1rst, 2003
Writers: Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming
Director: Robert Singer
The Looking Glass
Guest Starring: Matt Czuchry (Jamie Farrel), James Rebhorn (Richard Farrel), Anne Twomey (Mrs. Farrel), Paul Adelstein (Aldo Rossi), Bruce MacVittie (Meoli) and Jessica Alexander (Cate Rawlings - uncredited)

Description: On the anniversary of his brother Rick's death, Jamie decides to meet with his father, Richard Farrel, in an attempt at reconciliation and instead discovers his affair with a young woman named Cate Rawlings, who is later found murdered; at Jaime's request, Mike attempts to find out what evidence Marcellus has on the murder without revealing Richard's affair with Cate; after Jamie breaks into Cate's apartment to remove evidence implicating his father, he's arrested and unwittingly gives Marcellus the information he needs to charge Richard with the crime; even though Marcellus is angry that Mike deceived him about Richard, the former partners work together to uncover the evidence that clears Richard of the crime; Jaime is devastated when Richard rejects his efforts at reconciliation once his name is cleared.

Original Airdate: November 8th, 2003
Writer: Lawrence Kaplow
Director: Ed Bianchi
Blind Faith
Guest Starring: Robert Pastorelli (Lewis Bernard), Jess Weixler (Martha Skulnick) and Matthew Morrison (Sam Wagner)

Description: A young girl who witnessed a murder seeks Mike's help in helping her evade the corrupt police officer who has been paid off to cover up the crime and silence her; Marcellus takes up residence on Mike's sofa as his marital problems continue.

Original Airdate: November 13th, 2003
Writer: David Ehrman
Director: Rick Rosenthal
To Have and Have Not
Guest Starring: Matt Czuchry (Jamie Farrel), Julito McCullum (Cal Milton), Chad L. Coleman (Lafonso), Clara Bryant (Jessica Stoddard), Leon (Ulysses Sims) and J.D. Jackson (Skeeter D.)

Description: While Mike is more than willing to assist Jamie in turning a teenage friend away from prostitution, Liz is much less sympathetic to her plight until Jamie convinces her that the privileged upbringing he and the girl shared is no protection against pain; continuing to mentor Cal, Marcellus strikes a bargain with a loan shark to arrest his competition on the street in exchange for his releasing Cal from his crew; Mike walks on eggshells in the face of Liz's anger; after Liz manages to get Cal out of the shelter and into a foster home, Deborah agrees to let him stay at the Washington house until his foster placement goes through even though things are very much strained between her and Marcellus; Mike, Marcellus and Liz use their individual talents to get Jamie's friend out of the hands of her pimp and into the arms of her parents.

Original Airdate: November 22nd, 2003
Writer: Steven Phillip Smith
Director: Rod Hardy
Dial "O" For Murder
Guest Starring: Paul Adelstein (Aldo Rossi), Jon Seda (Nick Duarte), John Doman (Hanratty), Shawn Elliott (Ray Santiago) and J.D. Jackson (Skeeter D.)

Description: After Liz asks Mike to look into the death of the girlfriend of her fireman friend Nick, Mike comes into conflict with Nick's boss, who's an old nemesis; Marcellus works the case from a pattern-killing angle, linking it to a similar murder 2 years ago, and discovers that the otherwise unconnected victims had the same locksmith; Mike discovers that a fire that Nick's squad recently fought was in a building that housed a methadone lab where $112,600 disappeared, and suspicion points to the squad.

Original Airdate: December 13th, 2003
Writers: George Schenck & Frank Cardea
Director: Chad Lowe
Guest Starring: Jeffrey DeMunn (Vasily Yurchenko), Stephen Sable (Mr. Leung) and Titus Welliver (Zachary)

Description: Olshansky is frantically trying to locate his son and is stuck in the middle of feuding mafia families. Marcellus informs Olshansky that Zachery, a hired hit man whom Olshansky shares a past history with, has kidnapped Mike Jr. and is holding him for ransom. Now, Marcellus and Olshansky team up to locate Mike Jr. unharmed.

Original Airdate: December 20th, 2003
Writer: David Morse
Director: Phil Sgriccia
Calibrated Arguments
Guest Starring: Cindy Katz (Bettina Corwin), Matthew Arkin (Peter Kramalnik), J.D. Jackson (Skeeter D.), Chad Christ (Flash), Justin Hagan (Skulls), Christina Chang (Cate Tann), Matt Czuchry (Jamie Farrel) and Annie Campbell (Deena)

Description: Olshansky runs after a mugger who stole his fare money and accidentally kills him. Though a witness quickly confirms the shooting was accidental, the victim's mother hits Olshansky with a wrongful death suit. As a result, Olshansky's attorney advises him to investigate the victim's past to uncover any incriminating evidence to help their case. In the process, however, Olshansky learns the deceased was a decent man who recently fell on hard times that fueled his need to steal. Meanwhile, Jamie purchases a gun for protection for his new job as a cab driver, which sets off a chain of violence.

Original Airdate: January 17th, 2004
Writers: Lawrence Kaplow & Liz Friedman
Director: David Straiton
Double Exposure
Guest Starring: Matt Czuchry (Jamie Farrel), Barry Bostwick (Andrew Thayer), Austin Lysy (Wilson Thayer), Dominic Fumusa (Off. Devlin) and Mike McGlone (Greg Boyle)

Description: After Jamie and his friend Wilson are jumped by gay-bashing thugs and the beat cops are reluctant to take the crime seriously, Mike enlists Marcellus's help in obtaining reports of other assaults in the area to determine if the cops are failing to report hate crimes properly; Marcellus becomes concerned about the future of his marriage when he learns that Deborah has been seeing another man; Wilson is murdered after he recognizes one of his attackers, and Mike finally uncovers why the beat cops were reluctant to file complete reports that could point out patterns in the gay-bashings in their district.

Original Airdate: January 24th, 2004
Writers: Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner
Director: Vincent Misiano
Fog of War
Guest Starring: Shane McRae (Chris Olshansky), Kelly Hutchinson (Helen Olshansky), Cullen Clancy (Sam Olshansky) and Jay O. Sanders (Mitchell Olshansky)

Description: Mike steps in to help his cousin who's caught a downward spiral of addiction and suicidal urges as he combats post-traumatic stress after serving in Iraq.

Original Airdate: February 7th, 2004
Writer: David Ehrman
Director: Phil Sgriccia
Extreme Commerce
Guest Starring: Elizabeth Reaser (Elaine Jones)

Description: Mike uncovers an illicit adoption ring trafficking in stolen babies when he grudgingly agrees to help one of Liz's clients, a former addict who's turned her life around, in the search for her missing child; Marcellus calls an end to it when he realizes that his obsession over the new man in Deborah's life has gone too far.

Original Airdate: February 14th, 2004
Writer: Steven Phillip Smith
Director: Chad Lowe
Misty Blue
Guest Starring: Ray Aranha (Henry Baker), Catherine Kellner (Molly) and Stephen Barker Turner (Mitchell Patton)

Description: When Mike attempts to return the cell phone a stripper named Molly leaves in his cab and discovers that she's disappeared, he sets out to find her for the sake of Quinn, her twelve year old daughter; Marcellus's old friend and mentor Henry Baker asks his help in investigating how his jobless grandson Darryl has such an endless supply of cash; Quinn and Marcellus provide Mike with the inspiration and information he needs to find Molly, who's been kidnapped by one of the partners in the law firm where she works during the day as a paralegal; after Marcellus discovers that Darryl is linked to a series of high-end burglaries, he offers to sweep it under the rug, but Henry refuses to allow Marcellus to cover up the boy's crimes.

Original Airdate: February 28th, 2004
Writers: George Schenck & Frank Cardea
Director: J. Miller Tobin
One For My Baby
Guest Starring: Jane Krakowski (Celia Smith), Christina Chang (Cate Tann), Daniel McDonald (Brad Maynard) and Bruce Norris (Ted Smith)

Description: As Mike and his passenger exchange "she done me wrong" stories, he reminiscences about the time he almost fell for the charms of a greedy woman whose doctor lover deceived her husband into believing that he was dying. Marcellus arrests her lover for helping her husband arrange for a hitman so that his wife could collect on the double indemnity clause of his life insurance policy, but is unable to file charges on the woman both Mike and Marcellus believe was behind the entire plot.

Original Airdate: March 6th, 2004
Writer: Mary Hanes
Director: Robert Singer
The Reckoning
Guest Starring: Matt Czuchry (Jamie Farrel) and Eric Thal (Danny Jannik)

Description: When a drug dealer framed by Mike and Marcellus after they were unable to arrest him legitimately is released from prison, he begins to wield a path of destruction through Mike's life, endangering Liz and Jamie; Mike and Liz decide to move their relationship forward.

Original Airdate: March 6th, 2004
Writers: Lawrence Kaplow, Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming
Director: Jim Pohl