Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Characters
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Detective Robert Goren, who is played by Vincent D'Onofrio, is an accomplished profiler and an exceptionally bright investigator. He also has a gift for interrogation and is often able to finess a confession out of even the most calculating of killers. He tends to use irregular speech patterns, hand gestures and other motions, such as standing inside a person's personal space to his advantage while interrogating. He is currently a First Grade Detective with the New York City Police Department's Major Case Squad and the partner of Detective Alexandra Eames. In the past, he had worked in Narcotics for four years. During this time, he ran three sting operations that resulted in 27 arrests, all of which ended up as convictions. He took a few psychology courses in college and when in the U.S. army, he learned to speak and read German.
Detective Alexandra "Alex" Eames, who is played by Kathryn Erbe, claims that surveillance is her strong suit. She is a feisty and sharp-tongued Detective who comes from a family of tough cops. She has remained close to her father, who is now retired from the force. She has found great success in her male-dominated profession and is a straightforward feminist who is against the "buddy-boy" cop system. After participating in a number of prostitution busts, Eames moved from the Vice division to the Major Case Squad and became the partner of Detective Robert Goren. She stresses that she did not take the job as a means to get noticed.
Captain James Deakins, who is played by Jamey Sheridan, is the Captain of the New York City Police Department's Major Case Squad. He is a man who prefers to get things done and see the results, and by no means likes to be made a fool of. He is typically more concerned with the evidence rather than the gut feelings of his detectives. Deakins, who is a married man, oversees the actions of Detectives Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames.
District Attorney Ron Carver, who is played by Courtney B. Vance, is a no-nonsense kind of man, who is a stickler for the crucial legal details. It is his duty to use what is given to him by the detectives of the New York City Police Department's Major Case Squad and to, with the power of the law, seal the criminals' fates. Even without much evidence and information to rely on, Carver's flashy and charming nature, along with his ease in the courtroom, allow him to convince jurors of defendant's guilt. He is not afraid to disagree and go against the word of the detectives.