Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Episodes
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Guest Starring: Sonny Mandal (Uniform Policeman), Jake Weber (Carl Atwood), Michele Hicks (Gia DeLuca), Lenny Venito (Jake Nathan), Gene Canfield (Detective Cardenas), Jayce Bartok (Carson), Michael P. Moran (), Louis Vanaria (Rondazzo), Dianne Wiest (District Attorney Nora Lewin), David Ross (Ziekovic), Michael Aranov (Avi), Ajay Menta (Mr. Wahdi), Erika Thomas (College Girl), Eron Moss-Bachrach (College Boy), Stuart Burney (Mr. Kersten), Neva Small (Mrs. Kersten), Fly Williams (Sharif), Patrick Boll (Justin Crane), George Odom (Redcap), Michael Ingram (Liston), Gloria Sauve (Car Rental Clerk), Jason Chandani (Camera Salesman), Reade Kelly (Schindel), Kevin Hagan (Sergeant Finley), David Brown, Jr. (First CSU Technician), Harry Peerce (Pierson), Ray Fitzgerald (Buildings Clerk), Peter Napoliello (First Detective), George Morafetis (Doorman), Adrian Martinez (Airport Policeman), Dan Matisa (CSU Phone Technician), Paul H. Juhn (Sketch Artist), David Raymond Wagner (Detective #1) and Glenn E. Cunningham (Detective #2)

Description: Carl Atwood and his girlfriend Gia have enlisted three people to help them plan and execute a major jewelry heist: Carson, fresh out of a Canadian prison; Nathan, anexpert in phony identification; and a muscular Serbian named Zivkovic. Atwood has it all figured out. Gia scopes out the target jewelry store, they send away the older couple in the apartment next door with the lure of a free weekend in Atlantic City, and Atwood manages to pick two "upscale" pockets, enabling him to use the victim's identities. Carson handles the technology end of the heist, and Atwood and his crew walk away with $300 million in jewels. He kills Carson on the spot to eliminate him as a witness. Unfortunately, the older couple's daughter and her boyfriend arrive at the apartment, knowing her parents are away...

Original Airdate: September 30th, 2001
Writer: Rene Balcer
Director: Jean de Segonzac
Guest Starring: Tomas Arana (Rudy Langer), Linda Gehringer (Katherine Jackson), Sam Freed (), Tom Bloom (Bernard 'Bernie' Jackson), Marceline Hugot (), Toby Poser (Anne Ellis), Richard Thompson (), Lisby Larson (), Isiah Whitlock Jr (Crime Scene Detective), Elizabeth Marvel (Sylvia Moon), Lynn Cohen (Mina Cohen), Tracy Howe (Martell), Clifford David (Ralph Kozinski), John Scurti (Fred DeLuca), Susan Blackwell (Joan Rhoden), Pamela J. Gray (Maryanne Foster), Jay Devlin (Gary Payton), Crystal Bock (Assistant), Helen Harrelson (Janet Rocomora), Neal Hemphill (Casale), Matt Fischel (Owen Caffey) and Barry Shurchin (CSU Technician)

Description: When a museum curator and an art authenticator are found dead in what seems to be a murder-suicide, the police suspect an art forger is the real culprit.

Original Airdate: October 7th, 2001
Writer: Elizabeth M. Cosin
Director: David Platt
Guest Starring: Kathleen Chalfant (Priscilla Van Acker), Geoffrey Nauffts (Dale Van Acker), Will Lyman (Roger Jameson), Susan Misner (Becky Stark), James Hanlon (Larry Falls), Funda Duyal (Lois Romney), Jerry Lanning (), Stephen Beach (Billy Coffey), Ronald Guttman (Belgian Consulate), Isiah Whitlock Jr (), Kristen Lee Kelly (Janice Falls), Ramsey Garagallah (Randy), Tracy Howe (Martell), Robert Levine (Arraignment Judge Feist), Lou Bonacki (Anderson), Peter Ratray (Carl Ralston), Susan Tabor (Lana Burgman), Les J.N. Mau (Young), Larry Fleischman (Mr. Sloan), Sean Martin Hingston (Dingo), John Seidman (Dawson), Jonny Spanish (Butler), Manuel Terron (Clark), Beth Kucharczyk (Manx), Harry Perdon (Court Clerk) and John Leyman (Penzarella)

Description: A wealthy family's problematic son is the prime suspect in the investigation of his murdered fiancée, a recovering drug addict who was pregnant.

Original Airdate: October 14th, 2001
Writer: Marlane Gomard Meyer
Director: Michael Fields
The Faithful
Guest Starring: Michael O'Keefe (Father Michael 'Mike' McShale), Peter McRobbie (Father Capan), Alex Feldman (Kevin Donovan), Renoly Santiago (Chiggy Rios), Leslie Hendrix (Medical Examiner Rodgers), Roy Thinnes (Sheridan Beckworth), Michael Ornstein (Howard), Jim Bracchitta (Jerold Spector (Attorney)), Dana Reeve (Melanie Grasso), David Leary (Father Dali), Stephen McKinley Henderson (Morris Abernathy), Tracy Howe (Deckan), Stacy Highsmith (Clarissa Abernathy), Rony Clanton (Slim Jim), Patricia O'Connell (Mrs. Whitlock), Jo Twiss (Marg Cleary), Michael Rivera (Hector Rivera), Santo Fazio (Carlos Rios), Angela Pietropinto (Sister Mary Agnes), Stuart Rudin (Ronnie), Tom Cappadona (Todd), Boston Stergis (Evidence Officer), Tia Dionne Hodge (Bank Teller), William H. Burns (Police Officer), Joseph LaRocca (Guard), Maria Leventis (Nurse) and Mick o'Rourke (Cart Guy)

Description: The killing of a church sexton leads to a case involving a priest, the secret life he had with the killer and an innocent third party for which Goren feels enough pity that he puts the prosecution in jeopardy.

Original Airdate: October 17th, 2001
Writers: Stephanie Sengupta and Stephanie Sengupta
Director: Constantine Makris
Guest Starring: Karen Young (Denise Talbott), Thomas G. Waites (Mo Turman), Jennifer Dundas (Dana Nolan), Daniella Alonso (Angie Suarez), Leslie Hendrix (Medical Examiner Rodgers), Matthew Rauch (Rand Bowlers), Patricia Rae (Tia), Griffin Dunne (Henry Talbot), Willis Burks, III (Ralph Weathers), Etva Dudko (Irina Konchalovsky), Tina Jones (Marie Rymer), Angel Caban (Juan Casamayor), Carlos Molina (Detective Tolliver), David DeBeck (Detective Wertz), Barry Finkel (Dinovi), Caroline Strong (Anna Camacho), Dianne Cossa (Beth Manne), Fay Ann Lee (Nurse Tsiu), Craig Alan Edwards (Sergeant Jakes) and John Roney (Man)

Description: The detectives become suspicious when an abusive lawyer's girlfriends keep turning up dead.

Original Airdate: October 21rst, 2001
The Extra Man
Guest Starring: Eric Thal (Didier Foucault), Haviland Morris (Karen Cove), John Dorman (Roy Markham), Patricia Charbonneau (Sydney Markhan), Daniel Gerroll (Bernard 'Bernie' Cove), Steven Marcus (Tom Santini), Donna Mitchell (Mindy Blackstone), Terry Serpico (Leslie Roche), Leslie Hendrix (Medical Examiner Rodgers), Gene Canfield (Detective Cardenas), Guenia Lemos (Simone DeSilva), Dean Nolen (Rosenthal), Peter Bartlett (Ferris), Walter Hudson (Jonathan Phelps), Russ Salzberg (Little), Paul D'Amato (Mesci), Tracy Howe (Leon), Elizabeth Roby (Rochelle), Jane Cecil (Hedda), Neal Lerner (Cipriano), Maggie Burke (Erma), Denise Lute (Ida), Robert Levine (Judge Feist), Gabor Morea (Lattimore), Allie Woods (Latrice), Bonnie Rose (Eileen), Angelique Doudnikova (Maid), Thomas Schall (Bascomb), Jan V.E. Austell (Quentin Randall), Johnny Russo (Sammy Bell), Ron Berclas (Samson), Alicia Levy (Charlotte), Maduka Steady (Room Service Waiter) and Bob Freschi (Arraignment Clerk)

Description: When a European con man is found beaten to death, the detectives look for the investors he swindled.

Original Airdate: October 21rst, 2001
Writer: Marlane Gomard Meyer
Director: Jean de Segonzac
Guest Starring: J. Smith Cameron (Trudy Palmeranski), Susan Bruce (Colleen Braxton), Anne O'Sullivan (), Charles Dumas (Police Review Board Member), Mark Gordan (), Daniel Jenkins (), Anita Gillette (Lorretta Marlin), Jerry Orbach (Detective Lennie Briscoe), Jesse L. Martin (Detective Ed Green), Myra Lucretia Taylor (Amanda June), Stephanie Roth Haberle (Mrs. Berkowitz), Marc Damon Johnson (Derrick Alton), Robert Levine (Judge Feist), Michael Cullen (Inspector), Madison Arnold (Harold Malloy), Brian McCormick (Dr. Deane), Robin Miles (Megan Tracewell), Kate Hampton (Caroline Singer), Spencer Chandler (Dr. Garnette), Robert Stoeckle (Dr. Walter Anderson), Travis Walters (First Grandchild), Samantha Lucier (Second Grandchild), Margaret Goodman (Mrs. Taylor), Joanna Scorcia (Crash Cart Nurse), Lynda Baquero (TV Reporter), Beth Bailey (Annie), Erik Frandsen (Montaldo), Les McDonough (Court Clerk), Ray Demattis (First Detective), Gary Galone (Second Detective) and Laura Scribner (Juror)

Description: The dectectives investigate a series of deaths of hospital patients poisened with cyanide.

Original Airdate: November 11th, 2001
Writer: Stephanie Sengupta
Director: Gloria Muzio
The Pardoner's Tale
Guest Starring: Kate Burton (Stephanie (Thomas) Ufland), Joseph Siravo (Joe Nawrocki), Kevin Carroll (Greg Genereet), Walt MacPherson (Rolle Fitzgerald), William Hill (), Delores Mitchell (Sandra Genereet), Mark Zimmerman (Richard Ufland), Matt Servitto (Derek Fried), John Heard (Larry Wiegert), Kristine Nielsen (Linda Basinger), Louis Cancelmi (Phil), Dennis Paladino (Mr. Salazzo), Kevin Breznahan (Lewis), John E. Cariani (Perry), Kevin Carolan (Bill), Ismail Bashley (Patel), Denise Wilbanks (Sarah), Polly Adams (Jacqueline Roscoe), Kristi Kirk (Latanya), Claywood Sempliner (Lowry), Steve Cell (Dipello), Julia Gibson (Maureen), Michael Goodwin (McGowan), Bill Kocis (Isaacs), Annette Tapert (Louise), Mary Stout (Cynthia (Wiegert's Secretary)), Jack McCormack (Rawley), Joe Passaro (CSU Technician), Michael DeNigris (Arthur) and Frank Bonsangue (Mike)

Description: The deaths of a reporter and his fiancée, gunned down on orders, leads the detectives to investigate political bribery involving the governor's office.

Original Airdate: November 18th, 2001
Writer: Theresa Rebeck
Director: Steve Shill
The Good Doctor
Guest Starring: Robert Knepper (Dr. Peter Kelmer), Barbara Garrick (Jennifer Barish), Penny Balfour (Lisa Voight), Judie Aronson (Valerie), Robert Hogan (Judge Albert Scholl), Donna Hanover (Lauren Barbera), Stephen Rowe (), Jean De Baer (), Joe Bacino (Dave), Andoni Anastasse (Warren D'Alacoasta), Collen Oliver Johnson (Milton Barish), Cynthia Darlow (Eleanor Barish), Peggy Pope (Brenda Hodge), Christopher Wynkoop (Rudd), Ken Garito (Dan Corley), Camilla Enders (Nurse Honig), Slava Schoot (Turkovic), Holly Natwora (Lacey), David Derek Rogers (Murray), Bill Fairbairn (Burbage), Haynes Thigpen (Jarman), Harriett Hall (Secretary) and Linda Murrell (Jury Forewoman)

Description: A plastic surgeon reports his wife missing but Goren suspects he killed her.

Original Airdate: November 25th, 2001
Writer: Geoffrey Neigher
Director: Constantine Makris
Enemy Within
Guest Starring: Lothaire Bluteau (Dick Zainer), Laila Robins (Kit Sternman), David Aaron Baker (Edward Sternman), Tom Aldredge (), Caprice Benedetti (), Peter Maloney (Robert Lewis), Peter Jay Fernandez (), David Chandler (), Greg Zittel (), George Martin (Harry Sternman), B.J. Jones (Berger), Don Creech (Colin Flynn), Sean Gullette (Ken Christopher), Wai Ching Ho (Jana Yo), Ayelet Kaznelson (Louise Zainer), Marilyn Matarrese (Sandy Liston), Frank Senger (Palnick), Amy Korb (Waitress), Chiara Mangiameli (Aricelli DeMarco), Lizzy Cooper Davis (Operator), Tyna Tyler (Secretary), Bill Walsh (Fireman), Caprice Benedetti (Irene), Peter Jay Fernandez (A.R. Cabezas) and Lothaire Bluteau (Rick Zainer)

Description: The death of an eccentric banker in his 90th floor apartment leads the detectives to investigate his professional contacts and family members.

Original Airdate: December 9th, 2001
Writer: David Black
Director: John David Coles
The Third Horseman
Guest Starring: Robert Stanton (Dennis Griscom), Marsha Dietlein Bennett (Laura Carlson), Leo Burmester (Lorne Cutler), Earl Hindman (), Linda Halaska (), Nesbitt Blaisdell (Mr. McLeish), Michael Countryman (Dr. Leo Cavella), Phyllis Somerville (Mrs. McLeish), Richard Topol (), Tracy Sallows (Marie Cavella), Christine Jones (Mrs. Griscom), A.D. Miles (Zach), Joan Rosenfels (Nesmich), Maggie Lacey (Judy), Eric Wippo (Copy Clerk), Ken Foreman (Metal Worker), Peter James Kelsch (First Homeless Guy), Taylor Patterson (Ruthie), Ernest Mingione (Sargeant), Paulina Gerzon (Josie), Larry S. Gregory (CSU Technician), Ronald Lew Harris (Doorman) and Bernie Friedman (Homeless Guy)

Description: The killing of an abortion doctor who was shot in his own apartment sends the detectives on a search for the sniper before someone else becomes the next victim.

Original Airdate: January 6th, 2001
Writer: Rene Balcer
Director: Constantine Makris
Guest Starring: Michael Gross (Dr. Charles Webb), Stephanie Seymour (Sarah Lindstrum), Jenna Stern (Julie Feldman), David Lansbury (Westchester Detective Michael Stovic), Reathel Bean (Cziller), Reed Birney (Stillman), John C. Vennema (Adamson), J.K. Simmons (Dr. Emil Skoda), Julie Halston (Gallery Owner), Dashiell Eaves (Waiter), Christine Farrell (Forensics Technician Angela Shrier), Jason Fuchs (Ricky Feldman), Ricky Ullman (First Boy), Lydia Jordan (Sophie Feldman), Catrina Ganey (Jamie Scavalo), Joe Paparone (Thomas Lucci), Danny Maseng (Dr. Larry Feldman), Traci Godfrey (Westchester Detective Valerie Pesche), Lauren Gott (Lauren), Seth Barrish (Bouchom), Peggy Gormley (Judge Victoria Colby), Sally Mayes (Brenda), Joel Rooks (Scott Freiden), Jim Jacobson (Max Healy), Patrick Tovatt (Arraignment Judge Phillip Bastone), John Joseph Gallagher (Clerk), Jason Moscartolo (Uniform Policeman), Rebecca Wisocky (CSU Technician) and Les McDonough (Court Clerk)

Description: A psychiatrist who provides expert testimony at criminal trials lays down an insanity defense to hide his obsession for his younger girlfriend after revealing to her that he hired a corrupt detective to murder her brother-in-law after alleged reports that her niece had been abused by him.

Original Airdate: January 13th, 2002
Writer: Rene Balcer
Director: Steve Shill
The Insider
Guest Starring: Adam Trese (John Hampton), Aleksa Palladino (Lilly Carlyle), Michael Mulheren (Gary Wallis), Jonathan Hadary (Hall Richmond), Meg Gibson (), Elizabeth Reaser (Serena Whitman), Del Pentecost (Forensics Technician), Eric Millegan (Eddie Dutton), Tom Stechschulte (Frank Wagner), Robert Funaro (Vinny Russo), Andre Royo (Riley), Nicole Alifante (Crystal), Craig Walker (Pete), Rick Warner (Judge Gordino), Chris Cenatiempo (Frank Ventura), Ian O'Malley (Reporter), Dennis Ryan (CSU Technician), Jarlath Conroy (Caretaker), Marty Grabstein (Pomerantz), Dan Mason (Jack Whitfield), Eddie Pepitone (Court Deputy) and Jeffrey Havenga (Wharton Carlyle)

Description: Lilly Carlyle, a rich and mind-weak girl, argues with her father about a article on a magazine that reveals her sexual life and about her interests in a night club, He tells her that he would make trouble for the club's owner if she keep going there. Then after a night, full of drugs on the club, Lilly is found with the corpse of her father on a boat garage on the next morning. Goren finds out that one of the club's owner is a FBI agent undercovered and he might be guilty, but the Bureau would not let harm the undercovered operation with the mob.

Original Airdate: January 27th, 2002
Writer: Elizabeth M. Cosin
Director: Jan Egleson
Homo Homini Lupus
Guest Starring: James Colby (Lucas Coulter), Ritchie Coster (Simon Matic), Jordan Charney (Melvyn Colter), Marianne Hagan (Susan Colter), Frank Pellegrino (Carl Pettijohn), Stephi Lineburg (Maggie Colter), Suzanne Shepperd (Joan (mother-in-law)), Andrew Pang (Kenneth Shen), Jordan Gelber (Phil), Angela Bullock (Harkam Fereli), C. Kavanagh Harris (Rick), Joe Richards (Detective Marinoff), Jerry Shulman (Roy Rose), Selenis Leyva (Isabella Costas), Mimi Quillin (Danila Swinton), Harry S. Murphy (Gene Sterling), Bailey Slattery (Sarah Coulter), Alberto Vazquez (Nicky Torres) and Jay Boryea (Other Serb)

Description: The family of an embezzling executive are kidnapped by a loan shark and used as collateral on a huge debt.

Original Airdate: March 3rd, 2002
Writer: Rene Balcer
Director: David Platt
Guest Starring: Michael Murphy (Judge Peter 'Dutch' Blakemore), Bruce MacVittie (Arnie Cox), Dan Frazer (Mac McNeal), Tom Tammi (Jess Litten), Tony Hendra (), George DiCenzo (Judge Raoul Sabatelli), Fiona Gallagher (Dawn Cox), Tanya Berezin (Lenore Hirschman), Claudia Fielding (Marie Duvall), Sharon Angela (Connie), Sally Parrish (Lara Trudeau), Jacqueline Murphy (Emily Trudeau), Mel Boudrot (Henry Brown), Fred Berman (Raymond), Chance Kelly (Court Officer #1), Don Stephenson (Bernard Sweet), D.L. Shroder (Marty Gruber) and Tony Hendra (Sabatelli's Publisher)

Description: The detectives investigate the murder of a judge's clerk... in his home.

Original Airdate: March 10th, 2002
Writer: Stephanie Sengupta
Director: Gloria Muzio
Guest Starring: Michael Emerson (Gerry Rankin), Cara Buono (Charlotte Fielding), Kelly Deadmon (), Andrew Fiscella (Frank Caspari), Oni Faida Lampley (), Joseph Ragno (), Cara Buono (Charlotte Fielding), Lindsay Andretta (Natalia Rankin), Richard Thomsen (Jack Rankin), Marissa Matrone (Connie), Ronobir Lahiri (Dr. Singh), Tyrone Mitchell Henderson (Vince), Paul Tiesler (Jason Rankin), Nathan Perez (Carlos), Jason Butler Harner (Bob), Joe Osheroff (2nd Botanical Worker), Brendan Patrick Conner (3rd Botanical Worker), Loukas N. Skipitaris (Mr. Demetrios), Craig Chester (Thor) and Robert Donlon Kelly (Detective Valdez)

Description: The murder of an ex-convict triggers an investigation of his social-climbing sister and her beau, a man posing as a United Nations economist.

Original Airdate: March 17th, 2002
Writer: Marlane Gomard Meyer
Director: Juan J. Campanella
Guest Starring: James Naughton (Dr. Roger Buckman), Jenny Bacon (Dr. Cathleen Dwyer), Jack Gwaltney (Kevin Reddick), Michael Lombard (), Marcus Chong (John "Johnny" West), Victor Colicchio (), Adriana Sevan (Rosa Dern), Alison Bartlett O'Reilly (Allison Dean), Mike Hodge (Assistant Warden Munoz), Katheryn Winnick (Karyn Barrett), Kelli Simpkins (Amy), Jade Wu (Irene Chang), Melanie Nichols-King (Chesley Barnes), Miguel Sierra (Delgado), Joel Rooks (Meyer), Stewart Steinberg (Judge Bardsley), John Fiske (Detective Stegman) and Wayne Gurman (Riker's Correction Officer)

Description: The detectives suspect a copy-cat murderer may be responsible for killing a bisexual woman.

Original Airdate: March 31rst, 2002
Writer: Hall Powell
Director: Michael Fields
Guest Starring: Jim True-Frost (Jay Lippman), Danton Stone (Rick Morrissey), Kelly Wolf (Sally), Johanna Day (Ann Lippman), Colleen Werthmann (), Frank Medrano (Pete Koliko), Allison Daugherty (Allison McLellan), Mary Diveny (Mrs. Gambi), Helen Hanft (Ruth Cohen), Kevin Mambo (Tech Hemmerick), Ed Vassallo (Mike Heskey), Tim Warmen (Elden Green), Ray Wills (Brill), Scott Nicholson (Uniform Officer), Kathleen Goldpaugh (Janet Rawlings), Ray Gervey (Sgt. Borden) and Justin Silver (CSU Gardner)

Description: When a house is for sale, the body of a woman, who had been dissapeared for 20 years, re-appears. The house belongs to a pair of brothers, the sister knew nothing about this, but when Goren and Eames found the brother, they realized that he's a junkie and that he couldn't have committed the murder by himself. So the detectives follow the junkie and realize that an old friend of his, who is now a succesful business man, is guilty as well.

Original Airdate: April 14th, 2002
Writer: Theresa Rebeck
Director: Jean de Segonzac
Guest Starring: David Thornton (Kenny Strick), Veanne Cox (Martha Strick), Damian Young (George Tate), Alla Kliouka (Ilana Yushka), Martin Moran (Ilana's Publisher), Michele Harris (Anna Llewellyn) and Ylfa Maria Edelstein ()

Description: Goren and Eames investigate the murder of a Russian mobster's daughter who was about to write a revealing book.

Original Airdate: April 21rst, 2002
Writer: Stephanie Sengupta
Director: Frank Prinzi
Guest Starring: Jack Koenig (Ron Sherword), Mark Nelson (Mancuso), Robert Clohessy (Phil Legrand), Viola Davis (Officer Terry Randolph), Susie Essman (Ron Sherwood's Secretary), Beulah Quo (Cecilia Wang), S. Epatha Merkerson (Lt. Anita Van Buren) and Mary McCain (Mandy Sherwood)

Description: Evidence leads Goren and Eames to believe ex-cops may be responsible for the murder of a city auditor and his family.

Original Airdate: April 28th, 2002
Writer: Marlane Gomard Meyer
Director: Constantine Makris
Guest Starring: Sal Mistretta (Attorney Jacobs), Mia Dillon (Barb Windemere), Remak Ramsay (Douglas Lafferty), Matthew Sussman (Professor David Campler), Adam LeFevre (Toby), Bill Raymond (Mr. Green), Polly Draper (Christine Wilkes), Philip LeStrange (Detective Abramson), Christopher Durham (Jerry Lafferty), Marianne Tatum (Carol Lafferty), Guiesseppe Jones (Len Jenkins), Victor Truro (Murray), Cyndi Coyne (), Sondra Wymar (Nina), Dariush Kashani (Allud), Steven Michael Harper (Police Assistant) and Dariush Kashani (Attul)

Description: When a wealthy publisher is murdered, the detectives investigate a young author for a link, but they soon believe the author does not exist and that the publisher was killed because he sensed a scam.

Original Airdate: April 28th, 2002
Writer: Theresa Rebeck
Director: Ed Sherin
Tuxedo Hill
Guest Starring: Bruce Altman (Jack Crawley), Cindy Katz (Elizabeth Dawson), Amy Hargreaves (Karyn Milner), Jim Fyfe (), Ali Farahnakian (Michael Gergen), Victor Arnold (), Dan Ziskie (), Elisabeth Noone (Attorney for Elizabeth Dawson), Tracy Howe (Deckan), Robin Swid (Jamie), Charles J. Musumeci (George Venturelli), Andrea Sooch (Anne Wikzemsky), Catherine Brophy (Pia Winnett), Jennifer Michelle Brown (Jennifer Dawson), Jinn S. Kim (Harold Lin), Mark Schulte (Pilot), Michael Luggio (Detective Elsworth), Billy Griffith (Construction Man), Terianne Falcone (Construction Woman), Felicia Taylor (News Reporter), Linda Miller (Officer Douglas), John Stanisci (Executive), Chuck Lewkowicz (Neighbor), Logan McCall (Fireman) and James Starace (Uniform)

Description: Murder compounds interest in shady accounting when a financial executive in a major land-holding company is framed for the slaying of her lover and then black mailed to sign the quarterly corperate statement to cover up any hint that the company's stock was illegally used to generate profits. Meanwhile, Detectives Goren and Eames wonder why the exec remains mum about the suspected phony accounting -- until they discover that the eyewitness who conveniently cleared her of the murder rap is related to a key bigwig at the company.

Original Airdate: May 10th, 2002
Writer: Rene Balcer
Director: Steve Shill
Guest Starring: Jay O. Sanders (Harry Rowan), Jim Gaffigan (Russel Matthews), Tina Benko (Susan Rowan), Patrick Garner (Doug Hagman), Leslie Lyles (Mrs. Hagman), Leslie Hendrix (Medical Examiner Elizabeth Rodgers), Peter Van Wagner (Anti-Desecration Suspect), Emilio Del Pozo (Mr. Rivera), Armando Riesco (Scotty Calderon), Magaly Colimon (Ella), Philip Goodwin (Fritz Vaughn), David Lenthall (Damon Tyler), James Stovall (Detective Nunez), Mick Plakias (Medical Examiner Augente), Bob Ader (Lawrence Auerbach), Louis Butelli (CSU Technician), Naelee Rae (Molly Rowan) and L.J. Bologna (Harry Rowan, Jr.)

Description: The murder of a mortician and the discovery of corpses at a crematorium lead the detectives to a family man claiming to have a consulting business but suspected of being a contract killer with a penchant for perfection. Goren attempts to prove this by setting up a scheme that puts his "fear of making a mistake" in jeopardy.

Original Airdate: September 29th, 2002
Writer: Stephanie Sengupta
Director: Darnell Martin
Bright Boy
Guest Starring: Tim Guinee (David Bishop), Liam Aiken (Robbie Bishop), Lisa Eichhorn (Dr. Leonard), John Hillner (Deputy Mayor Bill Webster), Phoebe Jonas (Kim Stevens), Joshua Barrow (Adolph Kulik), Charlotte Booker (Mrs. Rasmussen), Gabriel Millman (Charlie Rasmussen), Rick Shapiro (Manny), Aleta Mitchell (Phyllis Munroe), Eric McLendon (Dave Wood), Jen Albano (Joan Kulik), Joe Gonzalez (Detective Genaro), James Hindman (Detective Richland), Patty Parker (Reporter) and Joshua Burrow (Adolph Kulik)

Description: The double murder of a social services worker and a deputy mayor lead the detectives to suspect a couple who may have a grudge against the social worker for taking away their children. When they learn that the social worker had taken special interest in a child prodigy being considered for admission to a prestigious, accelerated school, they examine both the boy and his obsessive father.

Original Airdate: October 6th, 2002
Writer: Marlane Gomard Meyer
Director: Frank Prinzi
Guest Starring: Olivia d'Abo (Dr. Elizabeth Hitchens aka Nicole Wallace), Linda Emond (Dr. Christine Fellowes), Peter Gerety (George Dawkins), Daniel London (Mark Bayley), Reg E. Cathey (Professor Roland Sanders), Philip Bosco (Dr. Winthrop), Geoffrey Cantor (Ronald Hardin), Craig Chester (Derek), Doug Barron (Hamilton Frisch), Pascale Armand (Valerie Goodman), Jason Furlani (Detective Ponds), Liani Pai (Janey Lin), Tess Lina (Vana), Shauna Hurley (Katie Robbins), Jane Sweet (Female Student) and Khaz B. (Male Student)

Description: The murder of a university president and his assistant present the detectives with a number of suspects. It starts with a promising African-American professor who, until becoming a suspect, was the leading candidate for the department chair position. Further investigation leads them to a male graduate student and a professor on a work visa who are romantically involved, the latter becoming very intriguing to Goren. The motives for her actions become clear when the true nature of her relationship with the new department chair is discovered along with the sudden death of the graduate student in the squad room.

Original Airdate: October 13th, 2002
Writer: Eric Overmyer
Director: Adam Bernstein
Best Defense
Guest Starring: David Marshall Grant (Assistant District Attorney Peter Bonham), Susan Floyd (Linda Bonham), Carlos Leon (Jo Jo Martinez), Olga Merediz (Mrs. Martinez), Jim Bracchitta (Vince Quitoriano), Keith Randolph Smith (Jailhouse Attorney), Margaret Reed (Allison Selwyn), T. Scott Cunningham (Jerry Selwyn), Joe Lapiana (John Alfonzo), Nashawn Kearse (Eric Walters), Anney Giobbe (Lori), John Boyle (Bill Stanton), Edward Blanchard (Artie Kahn), Sean McCourt (Jay Nowak), Jason Weinberg (Rodney Brooks), Aura Vence (Susie Valdez), Christopher Mann (Eddie Wallace), Jason Furlani (Cop), Liberty Jean (Prison Librarian), Orville Mendoza (Mr. Sanchez (Super)) and Isabel Blank (Sara Bonham)

Description: The detectives follow the trail when an assistant district attorney confronts and kills a hired gunman following a series of death threats. They first suspect his wife, a prominent defense attorney, through a convict whose case was being prosecuted by the ADA and the rumors of her romantic affairs. When they realize that there are cracks in their seemingly airtight case, Goren has to keep ADA Carver in the dark about some details to prove his theory.

Original Airdate: October 20th, 2002
Writer: Elizabeth M. Cosin
Director: Gloria Muzio
Guest Starring: Peter Frechette (Stuart Gaston), Stephen Sable (Pang Ghiangji), Frank Wood (George Weems (aka Lord Robert Pembridge)), Kim Chan (), Sean Cullen (Liam Montgomery), Harvey Atkin (Judge Alan Ridenour), Elizabeth Wilson (Lucille Mobray), Jordan Lage (John Littleton), Karen Tsen Lee (Annie Ming Littleton), Leo Tran (Tao Jin), Ross Bickell (Harry Plimpton), Michael Hobbs (Houghton), Bruce Kirkpatrick (Richard Cauldwell), Joe Richards (Detective McGowan), Erin Dilly (Isabella Gradowcyz), Selena Nelson (Joan Brwer), Nancy Wu (Iang Li Mei), Les J.N. Mau (Super), Cate Smit (Stella), Michael Patrick McCaffrey (Fenwick), Gerrit Vodren (Latent Tech), Paul J. Q. Lee (Forger), Joel Van Liew (Lawrence Mobrey), Alexis Chang (Susan Littleton), Jillian Stacom (Laurie Mobrey), Evan Carrube (Frankie Mobrey) and Austin Chang (Stephen Littleton)

Description: Goren and Eames investigate the killing of a mother of two in Chinatown.

Original Airdate: October 27th, 2002
Writer: B. Mason
Director: David Platt
Guest Starring: Stephen Tobolowsky (Jim Halliwell), Jonathan Hogan (Reverend Norman Mills), Richard Bright (Frank Lowell), Paul Wasilewski (Luke Miller), Leslie Hendrix (Medical Examiner Rodgers), Scott Sowers (Joel Zifkin), Julian Gamble (), Deirdre Lovejoy (Penny Halliwell), Ilana Levine (), J. R. Horne (Dryden), Stuart Zagnit (Lemoyne), Felix Solis (Cardenas), Tyler Bunch (Drew Romney), Ray Luetters (Mr. Miller), Jon Bernthal (Lane Ruddock), Chris Anderson (Rick Gill), Rachel Vasquez (Melinda), Dennis T. Pressey (Detective Maynard), Uzma Majid (Dr. Pashe), Jack Thyme (Freddie), Jon Budinoff (Cale), Jim Ward (Detective Fortelli), Scott Sowers (Joel), Julian Gamble (Delivery Manager) and Ilana Levine (Miller's Attorney)

Description: A robbery that involved two fatalities leads to the discovery of a long-running case of tampering with drugs.

Original Airdate: November 3rd, 2002
Writer: Rene Balcer
Directors: Frank Prinzi and Juan J. Campanella
Guest Starring: Tammy Blanchard (Sarah Eldon), Merritt Wever (Hannah Price), Frank Converse (Bill Davenport), Sig Libowitz (Stan Shatenstein), Noelle Beck (Tina Davenport), Leslie Hendrix (Medical Examiner Rodgers), Brian Smiar (George Eldon), Maddie Corman (Marjorie Whilden), Jason Pendergraft (Rick Davenport), Ken Abraham (Detective Mooty), Siri Baruc (Amanda Davenport), Martha Millan (Jinny Canto), Steven Randazzo (Judge Palladino), Marisa Redanty (Elizabeth Carr), Sloane Shelton (Mrs. Eldon), Suzanne Hevner (Judith McNally), Andy Powers (Josh Phillips), Les McDonough (Court Clerk), Liz Rebert (Shari), Heidi Dippold (Ellen Montgomery), Emma Lesser (Lucy Davenport) and Chloe Vedder (Abby)

Description: The detectives investigate a triple murder, including the son and daughter of a wealthy businessman, that occurred in his apartment. After investigating the childrens' stepmother (his second wife), they turn to a pair of nannies, one of whom works for the family. However, the detectives must reach back to the nannies' history as children, and a television soap opera, in order to better understand the motives for the crime.

Original Airdate: November 10th, 2002
Writer: Stephanie Sengupta
Director: Don Scardino
The Pilgrim
Guest Starring: Rider Strong (Ethan Edwards), Manny Perez (Jorge Galvez), Reathel Bean (Joe Edwards), Mary Shultz (Vera Edwards), Sam Coppola (Neal Dornan), Daryl Edwards (Muslim Deli Owner), Adrianne Frost (Leslie Dornan), Andrea Ciannavei (Janey Woods), Kathleen Doyle (Nancy Dornan), Michelle Hurst (Audrey), Belle Calaway (Phyllis), Donald Silva (Agent Asher), Daniel Breaker (Zach), Michael Creo (Detective Sims), Eric Rath (Newscaster), Eddie Pepitone (Counter Man), Michelle Maryk (Reporter), James Ferazzi (K-9 Officer), Piter Fattouche (Ali Al-Javad), Waleed Zuaiter (Khalid), Mia Tagano (CSU Technician #2), Dyron Holmes (CSU Technician #1), Kelvin Davis (SWAT Cop) and John Bolger (FBI Agent O'Dell)

Description: During the search for a missing woman, Goran and Eames uncover a cell of terrorist suicide bombers.

Original Airdate: November 17th, 2002
Writer: Marlane Gomard Meyer
Director: Darnell Martin
Guest Starring: Linda Lavin (Ursula Sussman), Ned Eisenberg (Danny Sussman), Peter Appel (Big Louis Bernoff), Max Casella (Nicky Ross), Kadee Strickland (Sandi Tortomassi), Patricia Dunnock (Kelly Sussman), Philip Levy (Myerson), Amanda Naughton (Anna Gerrigan), Ray Iannicelli (Podell), Isa Thomas (Mrs. Gerrigan), Nikki E. Walker (Yolanda Starr Corbin), Bernadette Penotti (Colette), Margot Steinberg (Sylvia Felder), Alex Emanuel (Calos), Danny Rutigliano (Detective Jacobs), Gerry Goodstein (Roth), A. Michael Elian (CSU Technician), Tim Ehrlich (Jordan Sussman) and Miryam Coppersmith (Sharon Sussman)

Description: A businesswoman who becomes a suspect in the murder of her daughter-in-law, who was was strangled in her garage. Disparate bruises on her body lead Goren and Eames to believe that there were two assailants.

Original Airdate: December 1rst, 2002
Writer: Rene Balcer
Director: Steve Shill
Guest Starring: John Benjamin Hickey (Randall Fuller), Sean Dugan (Douglas Morgan), Graeme Malcolm (Mickey Connelly), Mark Blum (Dr. Philip Oliver), Karen Black (Nora Morgan), Heather Goldenhersh (Roseanne Connelly), Gibson Frazier (Jimmy Connelly), Julie Lauren (Lena Caruso), Eric Martin Brown (Kevin), John Viscardi (Barry Cooper), William Jess Russell (Keppler), Cheryl Lynn Bowers (Peggy), Joey Vega (Detective Javier), Richard Shoberg (Dunne) and Patricia R. Floyd (Medical Examiner Rafi)

Description: The prime suspect of the double homicide of a father-son crime figures is a another son who was motivated by a self-improvement guru.

Original Airdate: January 5th, 2003
Writer: Gerry Conway
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest Starring: Lee Tergesen (Keith Ramsey), Danny Johnson (Walter Tate), Ron Ryan (Ralph Sullivan), E.J. Carroll (Desmond McCarthy), Colleen Clinton (Jenny Sullivan), Lynne Lipton (Mrs. Sullivan), Timothy Devlin (FBI Agent Lions), Rich Cooper (Louis Pens), John Coughlin (Bill Stuart), Jose Pablo Cantillo (Jack Martinez), Colette O'Connell (Sylvia Broderick), Thomas Lyons (Drew Luzma), Patricia Ageheim (Lucia Hastings), Jordan Matter (Detective Warren), Meghan Wolf (Steffi), Joseph LaRocca (Mike), Michelle Dawson (Liz), Yuri Naumkin (Simon), Barry Bradford (Jimmy), Greg Haberny (Crew Guy) and Jim Wisniewski (Josh Drotos)

Description: When an airline baggage supervisor is found murdered in the trunk of her car, the detectives investigate the employees listed in a sexual harrassment complaint which leads them to a scam involving credit cards and credit reports with foreign links.

Original Airdate: January 12th, 2003
Writer: Theresa Rebeck
Director: Constantine Makris
Suite Sorrow
Guest Starring: Hal Linden (Ben Turner), Michael Hayden (Kenneth Reyfeld), Tom O'Rourke (Peter Behrens), Judith Roberts (Nan Turner), Leslie Hendrix (Medical Examiner Rodgers), John Horton (Mr. Edwards), Amy Ryan (Julie Turner), James Baffico (Derwin Cooper), David Drake (Jason), Nancy Opel (Nina), Bryan Bratt (Hugo), Patrick Welsh (Penton), Colin McPhillamy (Lloyd Prescott), Marian Ebert (Marisol), Cristina Soler (Mercedes), Manny Alfaro (Carlos), Andrew Cassese (Reporter #1) and Betty Ouyang (Reporter #2)

Description: A hotel magnate is found murdered in a bathtub, and her body shows signs of Botox injections.

Original Airdate: February 2nd, 2003
Writer: Warren Leight
Director: Jean de Segonzac
See Me
Guest Starring: Christopher Evan Welch (Dr. Tom Dysart), Rose Gregorio (Lupe Garcia), Jack Gilpin (Dr. Michael Roland), Shuler Hensley (Jeff Richter), Peter Jay Fernandez (A.R. Cabezas), Barbara Walsh (), Victor Argo (Esteban Garcia), Ian Chandler Sheaffer (Matthew Roland (uncredited)), Seth Jones (Norman Bosgang), Mary Catherine Wright (Mrs. Hoffstetter), Carolyn Baeumler (Jennifer Alspach), Lou Torres (Derek), John Leonard Thompson (Dr. Royce Paterson), David W. Butler (Dr. Steven Emerson), Donnetta Lavinia Grays (Emily LeCroix), Clayton LeBouef (Reggie Barker), Joe Paradise (Roger Biagotti), Heather Aldridge (Marilyn Reese), Carol Morley (Patricia Reese), Hilary Chaplain (Kathy Carson), Tom Day (Detective Holt) and Jeffrey Doornbos (David)

Description: When a doctor is slain just outside of the mayor's residence, Detectives Goren and Eames initially suspect one of the victim's mentally afflicted relatives but their investigation also leads to a crooked halfway house whose operators run up huge and unnecessary bills at the expense of the government. However, the murder clues soon shift to point to another possible culprit who might have been conducting shameful experiments on the home's tormented patients.

Original Airdate: February 9th, 2003
Writer: Jim Sterling
Director: Steve Shill
Guest Starring: Mark Linn-Baker (Wally Stevens), Matthew Arkin (Ben Gergis), Ken Cheeseman (Leo Gergis), Isabel Glasser (Elaine Gergis), Leslie Hendrix (Medical Examiner Rodgers), David Dollase (), Lance Reddick (Jack Bernard), Olga Sosnovska (Jeanne Marie Lofficier), Les J.N. Mau (Mark Shen), Kate Rigg (Detective Hinson), Tom Bozell (Englehart), Rose Stockton (Reuben), Stephen Brian Jones (Chester), Ken Triwush (Jim Deaver), Dawnnie Mercado (Sophia), Nathan Corddry (Ricky Gergis), Richard Byrne (Uniform Cop) and Lauren Bone (Ginny)

Description: While probing the seemingly random murders of several homeless men, Goren and Eames uncover a scam involving a crooked insurance agent. However, an unsual twist leads the detectives to an unlikely suspect.

Original Airdate: February 16th, 2003
Writer: Gerry Conway
Director: Frank Prinzi
Guest Starring: Adam Storke (Mark Dietrich), Christine Jones (Laura Dietrich), Terri Conn (Chantal Fielding), Stephen Singer (Dietrich Attorney), Deborah LaCoy (Jane Stevens), Mike Starr (Detective Ted Marston, 12th Precinct), Anne Lange (Myra Reynolds), Rachel Hardin (Naomi), Michael Genet (Feingold), Jim Frangione (Detective Sims), Jacqueline Mazarella (Lisa Russo), Jeffrey Lamar (Older Nishan Fitzwilliam), William H. Burns (Spence), Bruce Ward (Detective Al Russo, 12th Precinct), Kevin Rahsaan Grant (Monty Lawrence), Jade Yorker (Young Nishan Fitzwilliam) and Neil Schwary (Patron)

Description: The murder of a woman in her apartment results in her son, recently paroled after serving 15 years for murder, becoming the prime suspect. Having consulted with the lead detective on the old case, Goren and Eames discover he was involved in a cover-up to rush other cases to closure.

Original Airdate: March 2nd, 2003
Writer: Marlane Gomard Meyer
Director: Joyce Chopra
Cuba Libre
Guest Starring: Clifton Powell (Dempsey Powers), Peter Marx (Milt Winters, Jr.), Sean Nelson (Taye Powers), Cady Huffman (Pam Winters), Joel Gray (Milt Winters), Tibor Feldman (Jack Duvall), Alvin Ing (Dr. Chang), Jefferson Slinkard (Winston Malik), Malcolm J. Barret (Ahmal), Oliver Solomon (Solomon), Lisa Branch (Jaqueetha 'JC'), Yvette Mercedes (Juanita), Loreni Delgado (Gloria Escobar), Sidne Anderson (Sally Haimes), Steve Scionti (Tony Sirvino), Nick Raio (Release Room Guard), Charles Gray (Cell Guard), Mark Azarcon (Ike) and Al Sachs (Shooting Cop)

Description: From NBC web site... Detectives Goren and Eames try to assess Milt, a combative older man whose recent release from prison is followed by the murder of his trophy wife -- as well as his lawyer -- but the wealthy and cunning codger maintains that he was the original target of the assassins. However, Goren plays on the man's paranoia and soon finds a connection to a notorious inmate who might have received a hit list -- which included Milt's son.

Original Airdate: March 9th, 2003
Writer: Warren Leight
Director: Darnell Martin
Cold Comfort
Guest Starring: Josef Sommer (Spencer Durning), Jay Goede (Nicholas Durning), Tim Ransom (Jack Kittridge), Robert Lupone (Nelson Broome), Mark Zeisler (), John Gould Rubin (Oliver Kersh), Leslie Hendrix (Medical Examiner Rodgers), William Wise (), Tom Atkins (Roy Monahan), Maureen Mueller (Eloise Kittridge), Wendy Hoopes (Katie Guardino), Jamie Day (Karen), William Langan (Randolph Kittridge), Richard Seff (Dr. Lang), Donna Davis (Grace), Aedin Moloney (Tracey), Iris Little-Thomas (Judge Lucinda Flynn), Deirdre Madigan (Maureen Kittridge), Donnell Rawlins (Dom), Myra 'Dakota' Bown (Risa), Sheila Saunders (Mrs. Beth Guardino), Donald Grody (Mr. Morris Guardino), Beth Ellen Patrick (Reporter) and John Benoit (Lyndon)

Description: After the daughter of an elderly, recently-deceased U.S. Senator is found slashed to death, Detectives Goren and Eames poke around and discover that the woman wanted her father cryogenically frozen -- and that the politically-ambitious surviving son is not really the Senator's biological child. But their case picks up speed when they learn that the lawmaker was cremated -- just after his brain was removed by a Machiavellian kingmaker lurking behind the scenes.

Original Airdate: March 30th, 2003
Writer: Stephanie Sengupta
Director: Constantine Makris
Guest Starring: Andres Munar (Frankie Marino), Marcos Muniz (Enrique Iberra), Tawny Cypress (Louisa Iberra), Brian de Jesus (Bennie Renato), Nile Lanning (), Paul Calderon (Jojo Rios), Jaime Tirelli (Jimmy Ramirez), Tim Kang (Murakami), Suzanne Grodner (Jennie Gray), Catrina Ganey (Maxine Dupuis), Patrick Rameau (Lucien Dupuis), Ted Sod (Anthony Marino), Lucas Caleb Rodney (Lawrence), Joy Styles (Nurse Taylor), D.C. Benny (Eddie), Adrian Davila (Sami Iberra), Christian Castro (Ramon), Maxx Brawer (Berto), Samuel Allen (Chuck) and Samantha Perez (Tina Iberra)

Description: The detectives discover that a bicycle-theft ring may be connected to the disappearance of several adolescents.

Original Airdate: April 6th, 2003
Writer: Theresa Rebeck
Directors: Steve Shill and Frank Prinzi
Cherry Red
Guest Starring: Dennis Christopher (Roger Coffman), Kevin Breznahan (Lewis), Freddy Bastone (Craig Batchelder), Paul Dooley (Stan Coffman), David Pittu (O'Leary), Alice Spivak (Mrs. Wing), Liz Morton (Kate Finoff), Marcia Haufrecht (Erin Finoff), Stephen Peabody (Mark), Teddy Coluca (Gaydos), Robert Chan (Willie Chai), Robertson Carricant (Keith Brown), Ed Blunt (Ogilvey), Rik Alan Walter (Reggie) and Emanuel Loarca (Warehouse Clerk)

Description: Detectives Goren and Eames try to unravel a deadly mystery after an elderly woman dies in a fire and bequeaths some of her estate to a young woman who is subsequently murdered. Soon their investigation turns to a shady state public administrator who has re-invented the concept of "grave-robbing." Goren discovers the suspect's weakness for expensive collector cars, but to make the case succeed in court, he might also need to exploit his quarry's personal relationships.

Original Airdate: April 27th, 2003
Writer: Jim Sterling
Director: Frank Prinzi
Guest Starring: Jason Cornwell II (Tomas Ramon), Ian Kahn (Ken Harris), Kevin Sussman (Phil Hobart), Keith Powell (Gregg Monroe), Robert Hogan (), Angela Christian (Kerry Harris), Jon Korkes (Ralph Bannerman), Larry Block (Frank Kastner), Olivia Swan (Penelope 'Penny' Chai), Laurie Kennedy (Professor Eileen Kray), Lou Sones (Cashier), Charlie Sandean (Detective Grunier), D.J. Sharp (Cooley), Ismail Bashey (Yossi Almaliakh), Charles Stransky (Klemmer), Yvonne Woods (Amy Wittlin), Colleen Hawks (Dealer) and Travis Wright (P.A. Delgado)

Description: When a beautiful college math student who worked as a card-counter at poker clubs is found murdered, Detectives Goren and Eames begin their investigation with a group of computer nerds -- but they later discover an even more profitable computer gambling system with higher stakes and tougher suspects. Even more startling, the cops soon find their own workstations were pilfered by a brazen and disguised ringleader who knows no fear and has bigger plans for horseracing scams.

Original Airdate: May 4th, 2003
Writer: Gerry Conway
Director: Don Scardino
Guest Starring: Tom Noonan (Malcolm Bryce), Sally Murphy (Lane Devlin), William Sadler (Kyle Devlin), Angela Reed (Ann Devlin Lawson), Jeremiah Miller (Paul Bryce), Sean Patrick Reilly (Adan Devlin), Dave Konig (Ted Morgan), Kelly Singer (Fiona Devlin), Brendan O'Malley (Evan Devlin), Bernie Sheredy (Colin Brennan), Adam Sietz (Detective Maisel), Gayton Scott (Janet Bryce), Lyric Marie Benson (Tanya McFadden), Ron Megown (Carroll), Terry Donnelly (Trina Devlin), Janelle Anne Robinson (Marcia Wolter), Peter Von Berg (Mike Billings), Greg O'Donovan (Liam), Mark Kachersky (Officer Wallach) and Jason Weston (Matty)

Description: The murder of a female probation officer leads Detectives Goren and Eames to suspect her boyfriend, a college anthropology professor, or his delinquent teenaged son who reported to the victim -- but their attention soon turns to the dead woman's vagabond family of Irish gypsies. The detectives connect a few dots and discover that the clannish family's lifestyle was to keep moving from one petty scam to another, a lifestyle that the probation officer vehemently opposed and intended to change for at least one relative.

Original Airdate: May 11th, 2003
Writer: Joe Gannon
Director: Darnell Martin
Zoonotic (1)
Guest Starring: James Urbaniak (Dr. Roger Stern), Laura Regan (Tish Van Der Wahl), Leslie Hendrix (Medical Examiner Rodgers), Carrie Preston (Megan Colby), Todd Stashwick (Dr. Scott Borman), Peter Rini (Officer Billy 'Buzz' Davis), Leslie Cohen (Janice Davis), Bill Cwikowski (Sergeant Timmins), Katherine Wallach (Dr. Patty Kantor), Marin Ireland (Angie Hutchinson), Kali Karagias (Angel Ferrante), Izzy Flores (Xavier Cabezas), Cameela Wright (Detective Amanda Giles), Madeleine Blake (Melissa Davis) and Jessica Chollet (Nurse)

Description: The murder of a crooked cop puts Detectives Goren and Eames on the trail of an obsessively clean doctor whose previous girlfriends all seem to be afflicted with a "zoonotic" disease -- or a virus found only in animals. Their probe also points to a preening veterinarian as well as a looming psychological component that is crucial to putting a bulletproof case together.

Original Airdate: May 18th, 2003
Writer: Warren Leight
Director: Don Scardino
A Person of Interest (2)
Guest Starring: Olivia d'Abo (Elizabeth Hitchens Haynes), Patrick Quinn (), James McCaffrey (Dr. Dan Croydon), Richard Joseph Paul (Gavin Haynes), Lee Sellars (Nelson), Susan Porro (Connie Matson), Laura Sametz (Fran Swinton), David Green (Stymington), Keith Jochim (Judge Burbank), Lou Martini Jr. (Detective Akhrass), Sean Meehan (Boden), Keong Sim (William Suan), Michael Rogers (Mitch Nolan), Conan McCarty (Richard), Greg Wood (Gary), Adriana Demeo (Marianna), Ron Scott (Detective Strick), Carl Palmer (Lieutenant Hendricks), Johnnie Mae (Ms. Edwards), Robert C. Kirk (Chief of Detectives), Cynthia Corsilles O'Keefe (Second Reporter) and Nicole Pappas (First Reporter)

Description: In a continuation of a previous episode, the season finale finds Detectives Goren and Eames probing the murder of a former Air Force nurse -- but the discovery of anthrax nearby intensifies the search and pushes Goren into the headlines when he is blamed for a suspicious scientist's suicide. However, the investigation turns even more byzantine when a disgraced Goren discovers a former cunning adversary might be involved in those deaths and more.

Original Airdate: May 18th, 2003
Writer: Rene Balcer
Director: Frank Prinzi